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Cheap Find: San San's Age Defense Eyeshadow Trio

Hi everyone! ^_^
I'm currently trying to figure out which items should I use on a makeup challenge that was tagged to me in YouTube. And so...here's what I found for the eyes: San San's Age Defense Eyeshadow Trio no. 01. As soon as I have heard about the challenge, numerous local brands entered my mind. But unfortunately I don't have enough time now to go to the mall and check out what's the latest deals (too bad right?). It so happen that there's this HBC store within the vicinity of my workplace. Aren't HBC store known for their affordability? I dropped by to their store and lo and behold! There are so many stuffs for sale, some for P75 and even P50. Nope, I didn't hoarded haha! I told myself that I only need a single yet multi-functional product that I can use not only for the tag video alone. Had swatched and swatched until I finally found what I was looking for. 

So here's what the San San's Age Defense Eyeshadow Trio no. 01 looks like...
 I just love the shades!!! :)
Use the champagne colored eye shadow in the middle as an over-all eyelid color. Deepen the crease with the darkest brown eye shadow. Don't forget to highlight your inner corners with the lightest color to brighten up the eyes! Isn't that very easy? :)

-Affordable for just PHP 101.00
-It's an eye shadow but can also be applied optionally on cheeks as a blush and a highlighter.
-It's creamy! Somewhat like a cream shadow that turns into powder after blending.
-Pigmented. Actually the most pigmented eye shadow I've swatched in HBC I guess.
-With SPF15, Vit A, C and E
-Easy to blend either with fingers or brush
-Can also be used as an eye shadow base
-Comes with two sponge applicators (which are actually okay)
-3 beautiful shades to choose from. 02 comes in neutral shadows also but with more hint of bronze shades while 03 comes with a plum and grays.


-Not a fan of it's packaging.
-May crease if not blended and set properly.
-Color does fade after several hours when used alone.

Over all, considering the price this product seem to be a good buy. As of the moment, I love to use the lightest color to highlight my inner eye corners everyday! Perfect for those who would want to look beautiful without splurging much!

Want more good cheap finds? Check out the nearest HBC outlets!
I just like how considerate they are on their prices. Thanks HBC!
What do you think about this product?
Feel free to share your thoughts down below dearies.

Thanks for reading this post and please stay tuned for the makeup challenge to be uploaded on my YouTube channel SOON! Take care!

TC: Product was purchased by the blogger to try out. All opinions are my own. I am not being paid nor told to make this review.


  1. I've never had that much confidence with SanSan before, but this gave me a different view of it :)


    1. Thank you for reading! I'm a fan of your blog dear! :)
      Aw same here, I just had this feeling that they would last long on me. I wanna try their most raved matte foundie too. Btw, hope this shadow wouldn't disappoint you much. It last longer on inner eye corners than they do on my lids LOL. Thanks for droppin' by:)

  2. is this the 500php make up challenge? :)


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