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Cream Silk Vitamin Treatment
Product Review:
“Despite the torture to my hair due to over styling, thanks to Cream Silk vitamin treatment, my hair is recharged. Now, I’m happy that I’m back with my beautiful straight hair.” -Venus Raj
-Cream Silk is one of my trusted brand for hair products.

Many hair products tend to claim and promise so much for your hair but in the end it will just fail you.
-Hair feels so silky,soft and straight right after just one use.
-Locally available
-Cheap product
-Holy Grail hair treatment product for me.
*Price: P100-120.

 Sorry I can’t really recall the exact amount.
*Little bit of sharing:  When I start using this product, I never had a hard time fixing my hair. I have a very long hair,which is now actually already up to my navel. I also love to try different hair colors. I go in cycles with blue black (because the hair stylist told me not to dye in black coz’ it will be very difficult for you to change your hair color again), red purple, mahogany brown and copper brown. My target colors for upcoming months leans towards my favorite colors which are red and purple shade.
I also prefer straight and shiny hair rather than looking messy and dry with all the curls that goes everywhere, which in my opinion is really a lot of hassle to fix. After I take a bath, I just comb my hair and let it air dry, I don’t use irons, blowers and stuff. I am honestly a lazy person that’s why I don’t like hairstyles with a lot of maintenance. I also prefer long hair ever since. It was also easier for me to bun my hair as required for my nursing profession with long hair. Despite the fact that I have to bun my hair for very long hours, my hair doesn’t frizz at all. I use these treatment once a week after I shampoo and conditioned my hair then I’ll just leave it for few minutes (atleast 3 miutes) and just rinse it off.
Here's some photos of my hair :

Taken this April 2011. I am the one on the farthest right with purple jacket. Others were my dearest friends in college:). My hair is longer than that now.

Me in Nurse Uniform

Curled my hair during our Grad Ball last April 2011. I'm the one in black dress holding my red iphone 4 and 3rd from the left. Together with me are my dearest RLE mates:)
*Where can I find these product? I got mine from Watsons at SM Dasma. This is available locally so no hassle . You can just grab yours at department stores, supermarkets or leading drug stores.
*Would I repurchase? YES. Holy Grail treatment for my hair. I don’t have to go to salon just for hair spa.
*Do I recommend it?To whom? Yes, I actually have tried a lot of product and I can say this one is the most effective of all.
-Those who wants to have straight and shiny hair in one.
*To whom I don’t recommend it: None in particular.
P.S. Not only that I have a long hair, it’s really thick in volume too. However, I can consume a tub of 200ml for quite a long time.
I hope you enjoyed reading these and find it helpful for you. Thanks!

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