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Cheap Find: The 50 Pesos AIDO Magic Lipstick

Hi everyone! :)

Here's another cheap find I wanted to share with you lovelies.
Yes you got that right! It's super affordable with the price tag of just PHP 50.00, more or less 1 USD only!
Some of you who lives in other country aside from Philippines might find this somewhat similar with ELF cosmetics. However, ELF products that only cost a dollar in US is equivalent to almost 3 USD here in Philippines when converted. Hike of price probably might be due to shipping, tax and etc.

I was actually looking for an affordable lipstick that I can use for a makeup challenge at SM department store beauty section. Hey I just really need to mention that it's so enticing to see our local beauty brands improve now than the way their packaging looked before. Also they try incorporate new ideas on their products like having local BB cream brands. Anyway to cut the story short, I saw a small rack of lipstick at Fashion21 corner. I was intrigued on how would the lipstick appear when applied on lips. Of course I already had an idea then that they were "magic lipsticks".

They come in blue, orange, white and pink lipstick bullets and are enclosed in transparent tubes.
I picked up the pink one. For some reasons I didn't bother to see the "magic" on other colors. The SA swatched the lippie at the back of her hand. With one swatch, it appears to be light in color then after few more swatching, it turns into a darker shade of pink, a tad lighter than hot pink. I can compare the color to Avon's simply pretty magic lipstick in snow white, the one that comes in light purple tube and white lippie bullet if you're not familiar with the name.

The performance seems to be okay. Applies a sheer pink color on lips. Do not expect it to be creamy and opaque. It somewhat works like a lip stain because it actually last longer than my NYX round lipsticks but expect it to be drying. Better to wear a lip balm over this lippie. Or better yet use a lip balm, use this as a lip primer and then apply your favorite creamy lipstick. I only had problem with their packaging. Whenever I close the cap, I can damage the lippie! *Please see photos below*

This is what it already looks like when fully retracted. See the tip part of the bullet?
Yeah, as of now that is already damaged. Aw!

Have you tried this lippie already?
I bought two Aido PHP 50.00 lippie, I'll do a review on the next one later on.
Please stay tuned for that!
Lemme know your thoughts by commenting down below.
Thanks for reading! Tc!



  1. Hey! I actually like this lipstick. The pigmentation is very well. I forgot what shade I bought but it was a peachy coral shade.So beautiful!

    1. Oh my!This is magic lipstick pala! Sorry I got it wrong. It looks like my lipstick kasi, it's from Aido too! BTW, would love to try this one! I'm a fan of magic lipsticks!!!

    2. Peachy coral? Aw,I just saw the mauves and red! What letter is that?

  2. This is a really pretty color!And it is really inexpensive :)

    1. Aw Jacky, you're so sweet for always commenting on my posts. Thank you <3

  3. I haven't heard of Aido before. I wanna see what else they offer :)


    1. Thanks for the comment Angel. :)

    2. I checked it out at SM earlier. They have eyeshadow palette din pala. And I didn't know it's from Fashion21! Any idea if their palette is good? It's so cheap kasi, at Php140 lang, so I was hesitant baka the quality is compromised :/

  4. I always pass by the aido counters, but I don't know which ones to try. this magic lipstick look interesting.

  5. I have never tried AIDO products but this is really interesting and the shade is really nice too! thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. I have to Aido lipsticks. One in brown other one in peach. They have great pigmentation and not drying! Great find!

  7. I will def have to try this Aido magic! SOON!! :)
    New follower here Jananah!

    The Misty Mom


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