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GEO Princess Mimi Color Contact Lens in Sesame Gray

Hi everyone!

Well, new year is coming and I bet most of you, if not all, got a lot of new stuff this Christmas!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas eve unwrapping your presents!
And oh, let's not forget the true gift of Christmas-LOVE. Alrightieeee enough of the cheesy lines! LOL!
And of course, to a makeup and beauty enthusiast like me, I'd like to share my warmest welcome to my new babies! Yey!!! You just don't know how much I am excited to try 'em out hihi!
 So here's the very first one that I'd like to share with you dearies.
Not really in line with makeup but this definitely adds effect on my face or specifically, on my eyes.
GEO Princess Mimi Color Contact Lens in Sesame Gray
Product Description
Manufacturer: GEO
Lens code: WMM-305 (Gray)
Water: Content: 42%
Base Curve Radius: 8.60 mm
Diameter: 15.00 mm
Center Thickness: 0.07 mm
Package: Vial (2 vials per pair)
Using Period: 6 months

My thoughts
-Best for asian dolled -up eye look! It's all about the eyes I tell you lovelies!
-Talk about glam eyes, this lens will definitely give that effect! It's like "Look at me hun" haha! :)
- Comfortable to wear for hours. Did not irritate my eyes yey! *cheers*
-Yer gonna look like a beautiful doll with this lenses! Gotta have that princess look hihi :)
-Lovely color, gray is one of my beloved picks for eye lenses. It definitely suits various hair color too!
- Since I've been using lenses for long years now, putting them on isn't much of a hassle tho I must say that the diameter size of this lens is not really my cup of tea. Nonetheless, I loved it! However, if you're a noob to lens insertion then  may I personally suggest that you start on lenses with 14.00mm diameter.
-And oh, I must say that their staff are really easy to reach. They are nice and easy to communicate with, so no problem if you have any troubles with your purchases. Kudos to the team! :)
-The lenses also took a short span of time to arrive. It was sealed with bubble wrap, no damages at all.
- The lenses, despite the big diameter was comfortable to wear. Gives my eyes that "umph" effect that I can either wear during day or night time. I love to play with it wearing different eye makeup!
-It's not available locally.
-Diameter size isn't my cup of tea but nonetheless I liked it. Oh, I was actually eyeing for WMM-505. So be careful not to mistake it with WMM-305 which is this lens. Btw, anyone got WMM-505? Guess it's an underdog lens that's why I'm interested to make a review on it too. Yah know me, the more unique and less common the better. ;)

Over all, this lens were great! Yep, I do recommend it.
A proof that you can wear this at work or in day time... Here's your ever-so-kikay beauty blogger at work with my colleague at the back LOL. Hello there Sir Ton!

Where to buy?
10% Off Discount Coupon Code : " jannahlopez "

REMEMBER: You only have two precious eyes in your entire existence, well except if you're willing to pay millions of pesos for an eye surgery/transplant...so TAKE CARE OF THEM. Purchasing /wearing lenses comes with responsibility. It's not all about styling and enhancing your looks. It is recommended to always consult with an eye specialist first and clean lenses properly and regularly.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Holidays!
Take care!

Jannah Lopez


  1. looks great on you! but you look gorgeous in all lenses anyway!! Merry Christmas Jannah =)

    1. Hi Janet dear! Sorry for the uber late reply! Thanks:) Hope you had a blast last holiday. Mwuah :*

  2. Lovely lenses, they suit you very much and make your eyes pop pop pop ^^ Cute.

    If you haven't entered already please check out my recent give away:

    Emi x

  3. I would say that these geo contacts look best in darker eye colours since they blend better that way. You can see my natural hazel colour coming through


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