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HBC Giveaway: Celebrate Healthy Colours!

Hi everyone!
How was your "love month" so far?
Hope most, if not all of you, had a blast this seasons of heart.
And oh! Do not forget that JS proms are also coming. 
Graduation is also just around the corner.
Isn't it nice to celebrate these kind of happy occasions? :)
Aw such sweet sweet events...
 *Reminiscin' my high school days, college graduation and nevermind my rambling haha*

Alright, nuff said...
In partnership with our very own "Home of Beauty Exclusives" here in Philippines,
HBC dares you to "Love Me" this month of hearts...
Love yourself, stay happy and beautiful inside and out!
HBC currently offers 10% discount on all face products, 
20% off on all eye makeup and 30% off on all lip products 
in all HBC stores nationwide until February 28, 2013.

Along with is an exciting giveaway for all of my local readers from HBC! :)
Available to Philippine-based readers only.
There will be 2 winners.
One will receive San San “Classics” nail polish set 
and the other  gets HBC's selection of San San “Pinks & Reds” nail polishes.
First winner will be determined by whoever gives the best answer
through commenting down below.
The other via rafflecopter so please make sure to use the form upon entering.
Prizes will be claimed at the nearest HBC store.
Please be reminded that participants can only win once on all ongoing HBC giveaways.
Giveaway ends on March 15, 2013. 
Good Luck everyone!
Thanks to HBC :)

Happy hearts month my dearies! <3>
Stay safe!



  1. A healthy nail color for me is San San Cosmetics Nail Polish in A Touch of Tan, me and my mom's all time fave color =)

  2. Healthy nail colour for me is showing how your nails looks fresh, clean and moisturized. Light pink or pastel nail colour gives a look of fresh and healthy nails. And for some, nude/brown pigment nail color gives a natural clean look.

  3. A healthy nail color is a nail polish that does not turn my nail red/orange. I love Sansan'[s red gleam! It's one of my favorites :)

  4. "What is “healthy nail colour” for you?"
    It's definitely Red all the way! I love how it steals every scene whenever i"m in red polish!

  5. healthy nail colour for me is red! it really complements the color of my hands and looks sophisticated.

  6. "What is “healthy nail colour” for you?"

    In my opinion, red is a healthy nail colour because when you are wearing one. it stands out and brings an elegant vibe to your nails. Wearing red not only in dress really makes you looks beautiful and stunning whether its your shoes, lipstick and even nails. But lets not forget that wearing clear colored nails is just fine as well because your nails will be transparent to anyone so aside from the clear and clean look.. simple is beautiful.

  7. A healthy nail color for me would be flesh colored or peachy nud-ish pink (i'm making up color names because I guess I'm not good at identifying colors). In short, I guess I mean the color of a typical french tip. It's simple, elegant...looks clean which means it looks quite healthy!

    Elegant. Simple. Healthy! The three words I love the most.

  8. healthy nail color for me is when it is glossy, it gives life to my nails.

  9. "Healthy nail color" for me is having vitamins and minerals needed to grow our nails healthy. Vitamin B12 to promote healthy nail colour and normal nail growth, Vitamin C, an antioxident, to aid in preventing nails from splitting, Calcium, Copper, Iodine, Manganese and Silica are all have been shown to contribute to nail growth, and Zinc and Iron deficiency are thought to contribute to the white spots that often appear on nails. <3

    1. I love PINK! That's my always favorite color! <3

  10. The healthy nail color for me is red because it makes my nails looks elegant and fierce.

  11. the healthy nail color for me are nude colors.. perfect for my skin tone.. dont make me look to flashy yet stylish!

  12. Healthy nails for me are those pink-colored ones due to the rich blood supply underneath them. Any changes in color are an important indicator of deficiencies and lack of nutrients. So it is important for us girls to keep our nails healthy by buying nail polish products that do not destroy our nails and keep it glowing and healthy.

  13. Healthy nails are those that look natural and suits the person without being too "out there" but still is attractive enough to be noticeable.

  14. A "healthy nail color" is something that makes you feel more confident and pretty. Sometimes I like wearing bright colored shades, there are times I prefer nudes. It depends on what you want.

  15. A healthy nail colour for me is red because whenever I paint my nails with red, I look smart, sassy and sexy. And I know it. :)

  16. French tip or nude pink nail color looks healthy for me :)

  17. Pink nails are clean and healthy looking :)

  18. Healthy nail colour as for appearance means pinkish in color which means your nails are full of Vitamins and Minerals needed to look young and healthy..It is healthy if its strong and long that don't get cut fast..

    Healthy nail colour as for nail polish color stands your mood for the day, what kind of person you are.. Bright colors means you are happy, nude colors, colorless means you are a simple person and as for nail arts, it means you are a adventurous..

  19. A healthy nail colour for me is pink. Because i love pink.

  20. For me a Healthy nail color should be Smooth & Shiny even without polish. A healthy nail colour is a sign of a healthy body that is why Nail care is extremely important because our nails are always visible we need to make sure our nails are healthy by keeping it in optimus shape & color.Healthy nail color depends on the polish your using, all nail polish can give a good color but not all are healthy sometimes it contain substances that can cause harm in our nails, so for me to keep my nails healthy I choose a nail polish that will give a Beautiful color & Healthy to my nails, having a gorgeous healthy nail colour is a big step towards becoming a totally gorgeous girl:-)

  21. Healthy nail color for me is red and vibrant! gives you energy and positive vibes!

  22. A healthy nail color for me would be pink. In fact, the color doesn't only tell about your nails, but your overall health. So, to get that perfect shade of pink on your nails, be sure to keep yourself healthy by exercising, eating healthy food and living a stress-free life. Also, you should keep your nails clean and moisturized. A light coat of color would be nice but if you want to keep it looking natural, just apply a coat of clear nail polish to show off those healthy, pink nails! ^__^

  23. A perfect nail is the one who had a colorless polish. It look so pinkish and very health coz it is transparent.

  24. a healthy nail color for me is brown that always complement whatever skin type you have...

  25. the healthy nail color for me is nude. looks so natural


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