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Make up for life: Contouring Palette

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my recent contour palette.
As in legit matte contouring palette.
You just don't know how excited I am to try this out!

Well to begin with,
Sad to say, I don't have that prominent cheekbones.
Like those dream cheekbones we see from Hollywood.
Mine is more like of an Asian I guess? 
Well anyway, that's the purpose of these palette.
 To create and enhance what we gals have.
Exactly like.."stop hatin', just appreciate" ayt?
Next, it was hard to find a matte contouring product.
 I only got these two bronzers to use before, one from LA colors and one from Guerlain.
I was also afraid it would become orange-y on me or muddy. But no, this didn't happen with
my new legit contouring palette as I can customize the shade since I had four colors on it.

So the packaging looks like this on the photo below. Comes in a cutie black box with
a design of princess-y carriage and the brand label. Notice the phrase "Make up for life"---love it! ^_^
And here's the palette per se. Pro-like? Aha!
The case is 12cm x 11cm. Sleek and surprisingly convenient to bring on travelling.

Upon opening the palette you'd see four matte pans with 4.2cm diameter.
I'm pretty sure this would last me a long time before I hit pan.
So there are two highlighters and two contouring powders.

Two highlighters consist of matte white highlighter on left and a little yellowish ivory white on the right. 
Two contouring powders consist of a lighter matte brown and a darker matte brown.

 I just love to use this palette lately!
 Like so-so-so much!
Perfect for daytime or night time use.
 Just apply with light hand during the day okay?
They all blend well also. And oh, I love to use them with my ELF 
or the angled blush brush from Beauty Cosmetics which you can see HERE.
Not that I don't like the brush that it comes with, I'm just more comfortable using brushes with long handles.
It's also multi-functional as I also use this on my lids and on my brows.
If you'd been a reader of my blog for such a long time
 then you'll definitely know how much I love nudes and neutrals haha!
 And oh, here's a past post on how I do contouring and highlighting, please click HERE.
I just exactly do the same technique 'til now.

I'd love to do a video to show you how awesome this is.
 You dunno how much I miss filming and all...

Anyway, over all I love this palette.
 It's pigmented, blendable and stays put all day. 
They're all matte, a bit powdery but not much of a problem IMO. 
Having four shades available, you can actually customize the color to suit your taste.
I love my legit contouring palette!
You may buy your own from BORN PRETTY STORE here.

What do you gals think of this?
What's your favorite contouring product?

Thank you so much for reading!
Let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.



  1. oooh, this seems really interesting! I love contouring and this palette seems to have everything on it! thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks dear. Also sorry for the late response. This is definitely useful you must try it! :)


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