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Sephora + Drugstore Haul (Mostly Mascaras)

 Hi lovelies!!!
It's been a while!
Just wanted to give a sneak peak of upcoming reviews I wanted to do.
I'm into mascaras lately and as we all know, they do tend to go bad after three months.
With that being said, I don't want to spend too much so I opted to go for drugstore brands which
are by the way known and popular.

I saw great sets at Sephora. 
Holiday kits are always way better deal!
They have great gifts now that you can redeem through beauty insider/VIB rewards points
or using coupon codes.

Another great deal I got was this ELF haul! Make sure to check out their website for awesome offers!
I literally just paid $26 for everything! That includes shipping and gifts. I was only interested with brushes really then they had this fab fall gifts so I got five or was it six makeup items for free! Score!

And then Sephora just had their 20% sale!
 And thanks to my companies I get my gratis, mostly my skincare staples for free.

 Stay tuned for upcoming  reviews!

Jannah <3>


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lippie in Pink Chic

Hi everyone!

Are you a lippie junkie?
Well, no worries cause you're totally not alone!

I, myself, do not even know how many lippie should I have
just to stop myself from buying lipsticks!

True enough, adding a pop of color on lips really makes a difference.
Most especially when you're looking pale and dull.
It just brightens up your look and makes a difference on the whole outcome.

With that being said, I found a lipstick brand quite a long time ago which I really love, love, love.
Rimmel is a drugstore brand which has a lot to offer for the their lip products.
Wide selection of shades and finishes.
I remember loving the Airy Fairy.

So here I am sharing with you the Pink Chic color.
It's from the Moisture Renew collection.
I adore the simple purple tube packaging.
Of course it is purple. 'Nuff said haha!

It is creamy, pigmented and works really well even if you have chapped lips.
Has a little bit of chemical smell but not over powering/bothering.
An everyday lip color that would stay on for good number of hours.
It works great for the price!
I got it for less than five bucks which is always awesome.




Discounts $120 off your total! I am not sure when is the expiration date though. :)


Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Pink no. 23 Lipstick

Hi my lovely friends!
How are you all doing?
Hope all is well!

Ready for another lippie product review?
Today, let me share about my "pretty pink" lipstick.
It's from Elizabeth Arden.

Let's start with the classic look of the packaging.
It's very sturdy and looks sophisticated.
As of the shade, 
I picked up a pink color.
You can never go wrong with this pink moinsturizing lipstick.
It glides on easily and very creamy.
They have another collection which is Ceramide.
Packaging wise, the other one comes in round gold tube.
I just love the texture and the pigmentation.
It's an everyday lip color!

I highly recommend this for fair people who wants a cute hint of pink on their lips
but doesn't want too nude nor a too vibrant pink.
By the way, they have a lot of gifts with purchases.
I also like their skin care products as well!

Swatch at the back of my hand.



Haul + Current Favorites: Sephora, Ipsy, Lancome, Benefit & Bareminerals!

Time to blog again!


I know I have been so OUT of the circle for such a long time!
Now is a good start to blog again and share with you the things I got lately.
 Okay let's start with my...

IPSY March 2015
 So I got a pink bag in the mail and when I opened, it comes with five cute items.
The floral bag is too small to be a makeup bag though.
I took a sneak peak online of what am I getting for my first ipsy bag.
And so I received, a concealer brush which I haven't used yet.
My old ones aren't retired yet haha!
I also got a highlighter pencil that seems to be creamy.
Pixi eyeshadow duo which I haven't opened too but I like the neutral colors.
I am pretty interested with the hair oil treatment to tame my hair.
And one of my current fave, the NYX butter lipstick in Pops.
It's like your lips but better shade, very wearable and absolutely gorgeous!
I thought I am getting the Hunk shade which looks like a purple shade but
luckily I got a better one that I can wear everyday!

Wallet damage: $10.00

SEPHORA Birthday Haul!
I can not express just how much I love the AMAZING GRACE firming emulsion
from Philosphy! It just smells uhhmaaaazingly divine! My senses just loves it's scent so much!
I got the largest bottle from Sephora and since it's my birthday month, I got their gift from Nars.
I got couple of free samples too which I personally chose from their site. 
Shipping was a breeze too! Love everything so far!

Wallet damage: $55.00
*free shipping for $50.00 worth online

Just wanna add that I purchased "Fresh" Sugar Lip Service at Sephora store.
It was kind of a disappointment. I love the shade in Tulip most, other than that the rest was just okay.
But $34.00 worth for a set of 3 lipbalms and 1 lip exfoliant. I should have just gotten burst bee's or chapstick brands.

Lancome gift bag!
I love this gift with purchase (GWP) makeup loot! 
The blush and bronzer are both good sample size and they come with a big size mirror!
I love 'em! I also love the two lippies! They last all day!
Love the Tresor lotion but the La vie est belle lotion and other stuff, I gave them as a gift,
Wallet Damage: $0.00 (Gift!)

 Benefit Bella Bamba duo!
This was such an unplanned purchase! I got both of them for a good price from their store though.
I love the peachy pink shimmers it gives and the lip gloss would probably
take me forever to finish! That's a lot in a tube seriously!
I like them and I love how cheap I got them for compared to the original price!
Wallet damage: $13.00 for both! *wink*

And of course my Bareminerals Faves!
This bronzer was given to me at the workshop training.
I knew I love it the moment I laid my eyes on it!
It got the golden undertone I love for the highlighter.
I have the cool bronzer, The Ocean View and a warmer bronzer, the High Dive.
$25.00 at Navy Exchange, Mall at the Pearl Harbor

I have not tried this two yet. I also recieved them from the Bareminerals Spring Academy,
but I am excited to try. Colors looks very spring-ish!

My daily routine! My current favorite!
Complexion Rescue ($29.00 in stores) and New Smoothing Face brush (28.00).
I am in shade Buttercream 03. I love how lightweight it feels yet it does the color correcting job!

I am also a fan of their Moxie Lip glosses. It feels so refreshing and  moisturizing on lips!
If you love mint, you'll definitely love this!

Current foundation I use is bareMinerals Original foundation in
Fairly Light. Retails $28.00 in stores. It has 9 grams which can last
all through out the year!

Stay tuned for my in-depth reviews or new hauls!
Let me know if you have a specific product you want me to blog first from above mentioned.
Thank you for reading!



Elizabeth Arden's Wildberry no. 33: Hot Pink Lipstick!

This is just a quick review of a very pigmented yet moisturizing lippie
that I'm currently obsessed right now.

Well I got it from Elizabeth Arden.
It gives my pale face a nice pop of color with or without eye makeup.
It glides easily on the lips and feels creamy.
The color sort of stains my lips at the end of the day which I really love.
It contains ceramide which is actually an anti-aging ingredient.

It's not a drugstore product. However, you might be able to get this on
gifts with purchase that Elizabeth Arden usually does.
They have nice gifts when you buy a certain worth of value.
I got this with their awesome skin care products which I would share with you soon.

Over all, I like the formulation and color of this lipstick
 but for the price you may wanna wait whenever they have awesome offers and better deal.


Benefit's Famous Bene tint!

Okay so first of all
 for my current subscribers,
thanks for keeping in touch with my blog!

And for my new readers, ALOHA!
Welcome to my random thoughts about make up and stuff.

So today, I'm going to share about my bene tint 
from the famous Benefit cosmetics.

Packaging looks so cute as always from the brand.
It's not too bulky neither small for the price you're paying.
Ingredients and rest detail are also indicated in the packaging itself. 

Well, I pretty much had high hopes for this since it was quite raved about by others.
It was okay. 
However, I was expecting for more pigment and color.
It was a little drying too so I highly suggest getting the lip balm that it comes with.

I would overall say I was more satisfied with 
the other colors that they had.
The formulation to me was rather liquid-y and little bit hard to work with.
Or may be it was just my lips.
Who knows?
I tried couple of times to like this product but it certainly just did not work.

Over all, I highly recommend getting other colors 
which are more opaque and less drying.

Let me know if you love/hate this product.
It might be worth it for some other people but unfortunately this was not for me.

My bare lips       :     bene tint
posie tine             :  chacha tint



Hard Candy Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo Review

"You're a crayon, I'm a highlighter. You may color the world, but I make it BRIGHTER."

Same goes with eye and face colors, make up is just incomplete without a highlighter.
Couple of months ago I found an inexpensive drugstore highlighter.
It's from Hard Candy referred as highlight and contour cheek duo.
However, I find this product to be a gold highlighter and shimmer pink illuminator instead.
Here's how it looks like:

See how it does not look like a contour at all?


-It's an affordable highlighter with gold and pink undertone option.
-It's cream to powder formulation in my opinion. May use alone or as a base highlighter.
-For the price you can't go wrong.
-Packaging wise, it's travel friendly and convenient to use, no need to use an applicator.

-You can not really complain for the price of more or less 5 bucks.

Overall, I like the product and it will last long in my opinion.

J ^^,