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Benefit's Famous Bene tint!

Okay so first of all
 for my current subscribers,
thanks for keeping in touch with my blog!

And for my new readers, ALOHA!
Welcome to my random thoughts about make up and stuff.

So today, I'm going to share about my bene tint 
from the famous Benefit cosmetics.

Packaging looks so cute as always from the brand.
It's not too bulky neither small for the price you're paying.
Ingredients and rest detail are also indicated in the packaging itself. 

Well, I pretty much had high hopes for this since it was quite raved about by others.
It was okay. 
However, I was expecting for more pigment and color.
It was a little drying too so I highly suggest getting the lip balm that it comes with.

I would overall say I was more satisfied with 
the other colors that they had.
The formulation to me was rather liquid-y and little bit hard to work with.
Or may be it was just my lips.
Who knows?
I tried couple of times to like this product but it certainly just did not work.

Over all, I highly recommend getting other colors 
which are more opaque and less drying.

Let me know if you love/hate this product.
It might be worth it for some other people but unfortunately this was not for me.

My bare lips       :     bene tint
posie tine             :  chacha tint


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