Welcome to LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Jannah blogs about beauty, fashion trends, makeup reviews, current hauls, beauty tips and tricks, house keeping tips as wife, even some personal female talks and basically anything related to a woman's holistic LIFESTYLE. Featured products are either gifts,purchased or sponsored. Regardless, all reviews are based on Jannah's own opinion & personal experience. Please buy with own discretion. ♥THANK YOU♥

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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL by Jannah is all about beauty, fashion, trends, reviews, hauls, tips and tricks and anything related to female LIFESTYLE. 


This blog is provided for general informational purposes. I dedicate my full honesty to the reviews posted. The information on my blog may change without notice. I can not guarantee it always to be complete and comprehensive. While, I will try to the best of my ability to update the blog and keep my readers and audience updated on a regular basis. None of the blog's content are meant to harm any religion, ethnic group, club, company, organization or individual.

Featured products are either gifts, purchased or sponsored. Regardless, all reviews are based on my own thoughts, opinion and personal experience. Please buy with your own discretion.
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