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1st ANNIVERSARY Giveaway Contest WINNERS! {^_^}

Hi lovelies!!! :)

As promised, I will be announcing all the winners for my anniversary giveaway last August. Thank you so much to those who participated most specially to those who genuinely followed the instructions. I am very much pleased and honored upon seeing the number of entries. This is just a little give back to your time on dropping by my blog, reading and commenting. Sending you all my love and virtual hugs!!! I may not be able to post as much lately on my blog specially on my YouTube channel but trust me that my passion will never end and I'll always check back on you guys. Hope you'll still be able to drop by in the future whether you win or not. I'll try my best to host as much in the future to give chance to everyone. I know how much others have also exerted their effort in gaining more entries, thank you ladies. I really appreciate it! Reading your comments and blog posts messages made my life more beautiful! Also, huge thanks to the sponsors of this giveaways as this would not be possible without them, Thank you!

WINNER: Judith C.


WINNER: Marie Jane J.

WINNER: Hazel A.

WINNER: Angel M.

Prize #1
-Makeup Academy trio eyeshadow in passion
-ELF eyelid primer
-NYX round lipstick in Margarita
-Krave Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut
-Krave Panacea Oil
-Krave Blush crush in Pink muffin
-Krave organic foundation in Cassata
-Triple P fruit masque
-Long chain necklace
WINNER: Franchesca S.

Prize #2
--Krave Blush crush in Peach sorbet
-Krave organic foundation in Tiramisu
-Krave Oil Eliminator Hydrator
-Krave Pretty Young Thing
-Krave Correct and Conceal Mineral concealer
-Mist Spritz make up setting/ face mist
-Fruttie Poreless Toner spray

WINNER: Stacy P.

I have already sent you a message thru the emails you used on entering this giveaways. Please get back to me with your shipping details. Failure to send me a response within 14 days means I'll be picking new winner for the prize. Thank you:)

Jannah Marie Lopez


  1. Hello, I am having a giveaway on my blog right now, you can win MAC, Makeup Forever and many more, please do visit and follow my blog


  2. Hi Janna.. :) I guess I am the Marie Jane J.? Hehehe.. Kaso I haven't received any email yet e.. :(

    1. I received the email Jana. It was not sent through gmail but on yahoo. :) Sent my details already.. :) Yay! very excited!

  3. congrats on all the winners ^_~

    1. Thanks dear! :)
      Hope you can still enter next giveaway:)

  4. Hi Janna! The package just arrived today! And I am super excited to see them (sa alternative address kasi pinadala)! I'll make a blog post about it! Thanks much!

    1. Yey! What alternative address? I do not remember writing any alternative address on the prize package. Just exactly wrote the respective address' the winners sent me. Anyway, congrats! Enjoy the goodies:)

  5. Hi Jannah! Am I the Hazel A? I only saw this today. I checked my email now (i check almost everyday), but i did not receive anything.

    1. Hi Hazel! Please check with email address you used in the rafflecopter to enter this giveaway. If you can't still find my "congratulations message" to ur mail then kindly check your FB coz I also sent a message there just to make sure. Already sent deets on the FB also. Thanks. God Bless:)

    2. Aww. It's really not there. Maybe it's not me? Haha. My fb name is actually Hazel Ann Uri, hence Hazel A. Is it that? >,< if it's not, maybe it's not me hehe

    3. Aww..Sorry for the misunderstanding dear..It's Hazel Alvarez hence Hazel A. Here's the FB URL:https://www.facebook.com/allure.padilla and she already replied to me couple of days ago. Thanks for participating hun and keep an eye on the next giveaway. Stay safe and happy halloween. mwuah

  6. That's okay :) thanks! Love your blog by the way. Very informative:)


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