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Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Pink no. 23 Lipstick

Hi my lovely friends!
How are you all doing?
Hope all is well!

Ready for another lippie product review?
Today, let me share about my "pretty pink" lipstick.
It's from Elizabeth Arden.

Let's start with the classic look of the packaging.
It's very sturdy and looks sophisticated.
As of the shade, 
I picked up a pink color.
You can never go wrong with this pink moinsturizing lipstick.
It glides on easily and very creamy.
They have another collection which is Ceramide.
Packaging wise, the other one comes in round gold tube.
I just love the texture and the pigmentation.
It's an everyday lip color!

I highly recommend this for fair people who wants a cute hint of pink on their lips
but doesn't want too nude nor a too vibrant pink.
By the way, they have a lot of gifts with purchases.
I also like their skin care products as well!

Swatch at the back of my hand.


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