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Elizabeth Arden's Wildberry no. 33: Hot Pink Lipstick!

This is just a quick review of a very pigmented yet moisturizing lippie
that I'm currently obsessed right now.

Well I got it from Elizabeth Arden.
It gives my pale face a nice pop of color with or without eye makeup.
It glides easily on the lips and feels creamy.
The color sort of stains my lips at the end of the day which I really love.
It contains ceramide which is actually an anti-aging ingredient.

It's not a drugstore product. However, you might be able to get this on
gifts with purchase that Elizabeth Arden usually does.
They have nice gifts when you buy a certain worth of value.
I got this with their awesome skin care products which I would share with you soon.

Over all, I like the formulation and color of this lipstick
 but for the price you may wanna wait whenever they have awesome offers and better deal.



  1. The color is pretty. Does it have tiny shimmers in it or is it just the formulation?

    From Manila with Love : Lifestyle and Beauty

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    Diana Cloudlet

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