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Sophie Martin J’ADORE LIPSTICK in Summer Pink

Hi everyone!
Here's another uber duper cheap lipstick find!
costs PHP 79.00 only and is actually available in 10 shades. 
I got the shade in  in Summer Pink.
For some reasons I just think that it's a very wearable color for everyday use.
Here are some photos to show you:

Isn't that a gorgeous color?
Honestly, I'd love to pick up more color like Mango Peach and Cotton Peach.
It's not as creamy as I've expected to be but the color pay-off is really good. 
May be an important factor to consider is that my lips aren't as moisturized as it is supposed to be. 
Yes, talk about dry chapped lips here. 
I prefer to use lip balm prior to lipstick application so it would glide better smoothly.
Overall, it's a decent lipstick to own specially if you're on a tight budget.

Btw, I miss blogging and virtually talking with you!
It's been a while! IMY!

Please stay tuned for more posts.
Thanks for reading.

Jannah {^.~}


  1. such a beautiful colour. it suits you so well


  2. Wow! this is so my type! looking for Sophie Martin dealer right now!!! Thank youfor this review dear! :)


    Svetlani of http://beauthriftful.blogspot.com/

  3. yes! its definitely been a while!! I miss your post!! the shade is so lovely ^_~

  4. Great Look!!! The Colour is really Nice!!! Greetings Jeannette


  5. Beautiful :)

    http://heelsongasoline.blogspot.com Wanna follow ?

  6. I cant believe I only found your beauty blogelz now! I love your posts :) Great reviews on products!
    Cant wait for more, gurlash!

    Dint know Sophie Martin had cosmetics! Hmmm!

    The Misty Mom


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