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HBC Haul + Nerdy Glasses

Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday :)

I'm always excited for Sundays like this.
Time of my life to chill, relax and do this again--blogging.
For some reasons I enjoy sharing with you a part of my life, my passion to beauty. :)

With that being said, I wanted to share with you my latest haul from
HBC, "Home of Beauty Exclusives" here in Philippines.

I picked up quite a lot!
 First, they are affordable.  Second, I wanted to try this and that then let you know what I think about 'em, share some tips to prolly bring the best out of the products and etc.

San San Age Defense Pressed Powder in 02 (PHP 125.00)
Randomly asked the sales personnel why is their 02 lighter than 01. 
Yeah, 02 is their lightest shade.
She told me 01 is Natural--I figured out it's the usual color of Filipina. 
Not fair nor dark-morena.

San San Age Defense Blush in no. 02 (PHP 101.00)
It looks a lil' mauve on pan but don't be deceived.
It is a beautiful shimmery blush that leans more on pink side.
Definitely adds a natural glow on my cheeks and livens up my pale face color.
 I'll show you more photos soon.

Well, being a cheek-chic, I also checked out the San San Cheek blushes. 
They are the blush that comes in rectangular, light blue packaging and comes with a brush.
Search on google and you'll see tons of photos of that blush.
While, I feel that this blush is an underdog. 
It doesn't come with any brush but I just love how easy it is to carry around.
The finish is different, this feels more fine and the sheen to it is more gorge!

San San Lip Gloss in no. 02 (PHP 65.00)
(Whoa, I never knew I picked up the same shade numbers not until now. Haha!)
To me this looks more of a lip balm based on the packaging. But let's see I haven't tried it yet.

Then of course, nail polishes!
See my nail stuff HERE.

So I picked up the colors I'm currently into-Nudes and Spring colors.
But honestly I love wearing almost all nail polish color haha.
To me, it just depends on your outfit and style.

And oh, mind you gals, I'm so happy to find the two colors I really wanted to try--the light blue and light purple. With regards to the light pink, it seems to be lil' sheer than what I've expected. 
But nonetheless, they have nice color pay-off and affordable in price.

The nude color I chose is called "TOUCH OF TAN" and the light blue which I super love for this summer is named "WARM BLUE". Both priced PHP 37.00 each.

Allue is a brand which HBC also carries. 
Their line has a lot of cute designs intended for young age.
And since I still have that cutie-patootie look... (just kidding :p )
I picked up this two lacquers mainly because I liked the color.

The light pink is named as "PORTIA PASTEL" and it does come with little pink glitters.
And the purple is named "PUMPIN PURPLE".  Both priced PHP 25.00 each

Then a few more grabs from the department store.
RED nerdy glasses without grades for fashion sake I suppose haha.
You must know I luuurv RED and PURPLE muchie :)

 So yeah I guess that's much of a sharing for this latest haul.
Feel free to lemme know if you have an HBC favorite product and I might as well try 'em out myself.
I like how affordable they are.
 And oh, I've seen their skin care line. 
Any recommendations ladies?
It's your time to share! :)

Btw, If you'd want to win nail polish sets then kindly click HERE to enter the current giveaway.
Stay safe! Happy weekend! :)



  1. I am planning to get more stuff from HBC too. I only tried the nail polishes. Now that you said how nice that blush is. I'm definitely going to add that on my list. Thank you for this.

    I also have a blog. I did a review on the "cloudy gray" nail polish from SanSan. Hope you check it out. :)


  2. Nice stuff for woman .Blog too nice .


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