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San San Waterproof Eyeliner in Black

"I'm strong, I'm tough, I still wear my eyeliner." ~ Lisa Leslie

EYELINER --- defines, outlines and may reshape ones' eyes.
It can be used with different types,colors and strokes.
Generally enhances the windows of our soul...

Well, I typically wear eyeliner on a daily basis.
With that being said, I've tried handful of liners such as pencil, liquid, gel and pen eyeliners.
I just love how much of a difference it creates on my look.
Often times I create a wing on the end, 
sometimes more upward and somewhat cat-eye looking
and sometimes just a little for definition.

Lately, I've been reaching more of my pen liners.
Why? Just basically because it's easier to use and control and pretty handy dandy
 yet gives me that color pigmentation that I wanted.
One is from a local brand called SAN SAN WATERPROOF EYELINER PEN in black.

It comes in a pen form which is pretty convenient for the girls-on-the-go.
The tip is firm and pointed enough that can create fine to bold lines
 depending on your grip and control.
It contains 2ml of product with a price of PHP 85.00.

Here are sample photos where I used the pen liner...
Face shots were taken before our summer outing
and the previous swatch photos were taken after so my skin  literally looks darker.


- Affordable and locally available
-Doesn't flake nor smudge easily as per my experiences. (May be if you're aware
that you have oily eyelids, it would be best to use an eye primer first)
-Easy to use and can do precise and bold lines
-Dries quickly 
(I dislike waiting for my liners to dry, it's a waste of time specially when you're rushing!)

-So far, none actually. Except that I would appreciate minor changes on packaging because for some reasons, I keep getting ink spills on cap which gets on the pen itself whenever I open it provided that it wasn't stored or kept upward. And oh, I think it's cuter if it would come in different color like pink or purple perhaps? See my dolly wink liner packaging HERE.

SHAKE THE LINER before you use it so the ink can fill the tip better.

Using pen liners are the quickest and easiest way in my opinion.
It seems like you're just drawing.
Oh, you can see HERE how I line my eyes using a gel liner.

Over all, I like this eye liner. You're actually getting more of what you paid for.
Isn't it that a pencil liner of other local brand cost more than this one?
Yet, the quality you're getting is way better and there is no time wasted ayt?

So what do you think?
Have you tried this liner pen already?
I also saw that this comes in brown color. Hmmm, have you tried that?
Let me know your thoughts or other suggestions by commenting down below.

Thank you so much for reading!

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HEEEEEY...just sharing naaaah ;)
This is me before I turned darker this summer, without any liner.
Just on our way to the resort.
Sweet look with pink lips and floral jumpsuit

Here's mooooi after enjoying the sunshine baby! 
Feelin' the latina-ish color now haha! jk :p
Rockin' those eyes with muh San San liner and bolder lips plus sleek hair on this photo hihi. :)
Loooove eeeeet! 



  1. I really wanna try this one . thanks for the review. :)


  2. wow.. jannah thank you for this review.. its worth the price! im gonna buy this one after my makeup ban =)

  3. I won!!! that's my name..unexpected toh, tnx so much ms jannah..mwahhh!!!

  4. I like this liner too! Kaso, the last time na bumili ako, tuyot yung nakuha ko... HBC told me to return it and they'll replace it na lang, kaso, I was super busy to bother with it, eh...

  5. already emailed my details yesterday! thank you very much!

  6. omg!! bet ko yung eyeliner!! must try this soon!! i tried yung sa nichido pero hindi masyadong pigmented and 200plus pesos ata! love your blog by the way!!take care ♥♥♥


  7. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Loved this blog post <3

  8. Wow! You look gorgeous and fab wearing the San San Waterproof Eyeliner!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  9. Thank you for the comment everyone! :)


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