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EYEliner of the month: Koji DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

Hi everyone! ^_^

Some of you might already know how much I love to wear eyeliner. I even made a video on how to put eyeliner HERE long months ago.
A friend/workmate of mine went to Singapore (Hiyeee Thanks Ma'am Leah!^^,).
I super requested her to buy me some stuff i.e. this Dolly Wink Eyeliner Pen, Hair velcro (which I can not an affordable one ever find here in Philippines) and Canmake eye primer. 
So here's my take about Koji Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black).
I have been hearing a lot about this eyeliner and not to mention I like Tsubasa Masuwaka's pretty face. Here is how it looks like...

  PRODUCT claimS:
"Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner has a ultra fine yet flexible point tip, which allow greater precision with a easy to handle eyelining experience. The deep dazzling black can accentuate the glamorous eyes of yours, giving you a more defined look. This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and with the quick dry formula, the eyeliner can stay on for hours without a smudge. Your look will be long wearing and gorgeous even without touch-up."

-Packaging is very kawaii! Isn't it? {^_^}
-Dries fast (No need to wait for the liners to dry before you open your eyes LOL. Less time consuming for the girls on-the-go like me!)
-It also dries as a deep matte black which I super like. It defines my eye shape very well too!
-I love the tip! It's very easy to manage and I have no problem whether I want to create a thin or bold line. Look at the photo below showing how precise or fine this liner can create up to a very dark bold stroke.
-Stayed on my lids for about 6 hours without smudging and flaking. However, please do consider that I don't have oily lids.
-Some may find it affordable while others consider it expensive already. It depends on where you bought it. Oh btw, please be careful about buying a fake version of this liner. 
-Not available locally. (If you happen to know a seller of this here in Philippines, please do comment down below and inform all of us! ^^,)
-It's not 100% sweat proof and waterproof!
Rubbed Twice
Water test: OH BOY! I attest that it is not really waterproof :(
*Little bit of sharing: 
  -YOU NEED TO SHAKE THE LINER before you use it so the ink can fill the tip better.
-Refrain from rubbing your eyes because it's not smudge proof.

*Price: MYR 55.90 /PHP 747.33

*Would I repurchase? YES
*Do I recommend it?To whom? YES. To the fans of "thin line/no liner look" (just made this phrase up LOL)  since it's the most precise eyeliner I have ever tried. I also recommend this to those who wants to venture into pen eyeliners! This one is super easy to control! ;)
*To whom I don’t recommend it: To those who have oily eyelids.
OVERALL, I like this and I would like to repurchase this eyeliner. Btw if you can't find this but you wanna try out an eyeliner pen, see my review of Fanny Serrano eyeliner pen HERE.
This is the liner I used on my workmates when we had a special event.
See the lovely, happy family of Gentri Medical Center and Hospital Inc. {^_^}
Btw, contact me if you want to apply there. I'd be glad to help my colleagues.


FTC: Product was purchased by the blogger to try out. All opinions are my own. 

I am not being paid nor told to make this review.


  1. I bought this in Tokyo a year ago and unfortunately it's starting to run out already! It's one of my absolute favorite liquid liners. You can do such a precise cat eye with it!

    I was thinking of repurchasing online, but it's true that if you have oily lids (like me) then it can be frustrating to see it starting to fade/rub off in the middle of the day. Even with a good primer! It also starts to go once you begin to sweat. So I've decided to stick with local but just as equally good liquid pen liners like Maybelline's HyperSharp!


    1. Thanks for the comment!^_^ I wanna try Maybelline HyperSharp too! :)

  2. I know one but it's one pre-order basis. Check out japanichi.multiply.com

  3. This is my favourite liners ever. I have 2 on back up because I love it that much! xx


    1. OMG I'm jealous! I hope I also asked my friend to buy back-ups. Thanks for the comment dear :)

  4. Great review on the dollywink eyeliner! I badly want to have this one but its too expensive for a student like me. LOL. Oh, btw you work at Gentri Med? It's near my location I hope too see you soon ate. :)

  5. i have this too and i Lovvvvvvved it!! the only cons that I hate is its pretty expensive..>_<

    1. Yeah! Btw sis, where do you purchase yours?

  6. Your toy it's so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought one at Evening Dresses
    , If you want one too. can visit this address, The backpacks are beautiful at there. I think you will be love it too.


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