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DIGIBABE: Gadget Accessory Haul

Hi everyone! :)

Just a quick post about my gadget accessory haul. 
I bought this babies from a gadget store named DIGIBABE.

 I got two plain glossy iphone4 cases. I wanted to grab my fave colors of course, one purple and one red. But the red case comes in a maroon-like shade while I wanted a perfect red color instead! So I got the cutie shade of light pink (Nice din naman noh?
I like that the design is classy and girly at the same time.
Btw, it's priced for only PHP 150.00 each.
I picked up two colors (Yep, I'm usually like that. Whenever I really liked something, I usually get two or more shades of the same design for shoes, wallets and etc for backups. Who knows? I might not find one again!) And of course my sassy side, I'd love to have the silicone cases too! However I couldn't find a cute spongebob case that I like *sob*.

Anyway, as of now, I'd enjoy my current babies!

Wanna know why I bought them?
Huhu! My bad...my first two cases are already giving up!

This is my abused red mobile case. My first case actually.
I had my iphone4 days before it was released here in the Philippines by Globe.
Imagine how long this baby served it's purpose...

Look at this old black case. I love this! Looks very professional.
The sad part...see the damage? Yeah... Sorry Dad!littlegirlemoticon

And oh, here's actually my favorite!
Michael Kors Wallet Clutch given to me by my beloved boyfriend. 
Thanks bhe! littlegirlemoticon

Moving unto the haul...
I purchased few more gadget babies such as:
InEar Bubble Gum2 earphones
Angel wire organizer
Plugy caps

Finally, I don't have to buy online for this!  Forgive me if I'm so happy to spot this on mall!
Such a shame being a late updater!Haha!
  I  know some online shops just sell this for PHP 75.00 and lower.
But hey, considering that I don't have to pay any shipping fee this is already a great deal IMO.

Angel wire organizer which I really need!
How cute is my combination dearies?

pigemoticon Here's my not-so-bulky yet cute mobile as of the moment... pigemoticon

Well I hope that I'll try a more princess or cute piggy dust plug cap and more fun/girly mobile cases! 
Weeee! Let's just see...

Hmmm.. Congratulations you've reached reading this far LOL!
Thank you so much for your time and effort on reading my post/s.
THANK YOU!!! *cyberhugs*

What do you think about them lovelies?
Feel free to comment down below!
God Bless!


FTC: Products were purchased by the blogger. All opinions are my own. 
I am not being paid nor told to make this post.


  1. Oh my crave for those earphones and that holder. O.O

  2. I followed your blog already ^_^ I hope you'll follow mine too ^_^ new pa kasi ako dito ^_^ Thank you so much and God bless you always<3 ^_^


  3. Cute! and the baby pink color is so girly! Do wire organizers really do their job?


  4. Thanks for all the comment dearies! ^_^

  5. Magkano po bili niyo sa earphones. Pang exchange gift po kasi. Request po nung bibigyan ko.

  6. I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing.


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