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1st Anniversary Giveaway Ep.2: Win a PHP 1,000 GC to Glaminar Make Up Artistry

Hi lovelies!
Here's another delightful news I am very much excited to share with you all! :)

Ever dream of having a formal make up lessons/workshop?
Here is your chance gals! :)
Life is Beautiful in partnership with Ms. Myla, the great lady behind Glaminar Make Up Artistry 
is giving away..not one, not two...but THREE! Yes, Three (3) P 1,000 worth of Gift Certificates for all the aspiring MUA, beauty enthusiasts and makeup lovers for the month of September.

The Instructor - Makeup Artist Ms. Ana Patricia Mendoza.
I am personally amazed with this girl's makeup skills. Guess what I'm so much interested to learn from her? Her "fan brush" contouring technique! :)

And oh, not only you'd be enhanced with new beauty skills and knowledge but also the Glaminar participants will get to experience a very sweet piece of heaven by having long hours of playing around with the known brands cosmetics provided for the workshop.

Here's a list of posts I have read from the previous batch of Glaminar Makeup Artistry.
Click HERE for the Glaminar Make up workshop experience from the beautiful bLAWgger Ms. Donnarence. I have actually met her at the EH Pink Fair event as I won a ticket from her. She's really pretty in person! And  may I just add, she's beauty and brains!I love her blog a bunch even before I started out being addicted to makeup. You may also check out Ms. Eloisa's Glaminar sharing HERE. How I wish i can meet this beautiful blogger! I have also read Ms. Celine's take for Glaminar workshop HERE. We have actually just got reconciled LOL! We've always wanted to meet even before since she dorms just within the vicinity. Hopefully I'd get to meet her in person! BTW, it was Ms. Celine who introduced me to Ms. Myla. Thanks to her for that. And for more photos and glaminar stuffs, just click HERE. :)

Glaminar Makeup Artistry schedules are as follows for the month of AUGUST for the interested participants.

I will be going on AUG 19. Here are the details of the workshop.

Now for the chance to win from the (3) PHP1,000 gift certificates for the month of SEPTEMBER and be able to bring out the ARTIST IN YOU...

Mandatory rules are super easy and just a few clicks away!
Please see to it that you will surely attend to the workshop if you will enter this giveaway contest. I'll update you as soon as the Sept schedules are posted already.
Please fill up the rafflecopter form accordingly.
1.Simply LIKE Glaminar Make Up Artistry on Facebook 
2. 2. LIKE Fabshopaholic's FB fan page.
3. Post on your FB publicly and don't forget to tag @Glaminar Make Up Artistry.
 "I'd like to win a @Glaminar Make Up Artistry PHP 1,000 Gift Certificate from Jannah of Life is Beautiful here: !"

And that's just how easy it is! For additional entries you may do the ff:

Optional entries:
1. Be a GFC member of this blog.
2. Comment down below what are your expectations in a make up workshop in general (lesson, instructor, venue and etc)
3.Follow @jannahlopez on twitter for updates.
4. Tweet about the giveaway.
5. Invite others to join this giveaway. Tag atleast 3 of your FB friend along with this post:
"Bring out the beauty in you! Win a @Glaminar Make Up Artistry PHP 1,000 Gift Certificate from Jannah of Life is Beautiful. Join here now: !"
6. Post this giveaway on your sidebar.
<a href=" http://jannahmarielopez.blogspot.com/2012/08/1st-anniversary-giveaway-ep2-win-php.html " target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-POMvQ22pvPU/UB-MLIk9jtI/AAAAAAAADas/28WeAmlgnzo/s200/GLAMINAR.jpg" /></a>

Oh, oh! Btw, Ms. Myla also sent me goodies to giveaway for you! Isn't that very sweet?
 Thank you Ms. Myla! 
Please stay tuned for that back to back giveaway from Fabshopaholic and Krave Minerale for the Ep. 3! :)
If you haven't seen the first cut of my 1st anniversary giveaway, kindly check it out HERE if you're interested.

I am looking forward to be with you in the Glaminar Make up Artistry Family!
Let's all learn more tips and tricks as we venture more into beauty and makeup.

Thanks for reading and hopefully entering!
Stay safe!



Marzs Lugtu
Krisanne Bunyi
Osie Ru

I have already sent an email to you. Please get back to me within a week/7 days. :)

To all the participants of this giveaway, THANK YOU. Please don't lose hope as I am still having other ongoing giveaways. Click HERE for my 1st blog and YouTube anniversary giveaway contest.


  1. GFC: Marie Jane Rosell Jaime
    Email add: jaimemariejanerosell@gmail.com
    FB name: Marie Jane Rosell
    Twitter username: @MarieJaneRosell

    Since we do not have many makeup gurus here in La Trinidad/Baguio, I wish there will be one here that will be hosted by Glaminar. :) I want to see all makeup essentials, from basic skin care to the most complicated makeup looks (as requested) by the participants. I also want to see Ana on the workshop. Hihi..

  2. cool! then we'll also meet for the aug. 19th workshop! :) anu anu kaya ang dapat dalhin dun jannah? :) I hope to see you soon! :)

  3. GFC: nicole
    Email add:cristinenicolepaler@gmail.com
    FB name:Nicole Paler
    Twitter username: @cristinepaler

    I am thinking that I will get to know more of how to take better care of my skin and how to groom my brows properly... Actually it's the scariest and most interesting thing for me because I have this fear of loosing my brows when I get older all because I shaved them too often or something... And the best part is the different techniques of how to apply make up and the mix and match of foundation colors onto one's skin :)

  4. GFC: Elaine Chua
    Email add: elainecutey(at)yahoo(dot)Com
    FB name: Khyutee Chua
    Twitter username: @khyutee

    I expect to learn the basic make up and apply it on my own. I hope that the number of participants won't be that many, so that the instructor can attend to and assist all participants. At the end of each session, there will be picture taking and awarding of certificates :)

  5. i wanna know more about applying perfect make-up! the do's and dont's! :) Plus The Instructor - Makeup Artist Ms. Ana Patricia Mendoza i wanna meet her in person! :) <3

  6. GFC: Vanessa Rose Palacio
    Email add: rose_sweetangel10@yahoo.com
    FB name: Assenav Esor Oicalap
    Twitter username: @angel_lookz

    My expectations in a make up workshop: I will learn how to make up myself beautifully and simple because I really don't know how to do it actually. Just putting powder on my face and it's done! hehe. I also want to know about skin care especially probems with blackheads and whiteheads that are so irritable to my face! grrr! I hope that the instructor will be approachable and jolly!

    fb name:Ruby Salazar Papio
    twitter: @RUSKIMBY

    My expectation on make up workshop is more tips and easy learn tips and tricks on how to apply make up

  8. Harmony Valdoz
    Harmony Valdoz

    I expect/hope they have enough patience for newbies like me! :D

  9. nikkipicaboo@yahoo.com
    shonica tsuchiya

    i expect more make up tips!

  10. GFC: Janelle Dumalaon
    Email add: jaja_1117@yahoo.com
    FB name: Janelle Dumalaon
    Twitter username: @jaynell24

    i am expecting to learn many makeup tips and tricks! and i am also expecting that we are going to have a really good time while learning!

  11. GFC: Sandy B. Bugay
    Email add: sandybugay@gmail.com
    FB Name: Sandy Bugay

    Im expecting to learn intensive basic makeup workshop

  12. GFC: Angelamhiere
    Email: sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com
    FB Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
    Twitter Username: @Angelamhiere

    I am expecting this to be a fun opportunity to learn more about cosmetics and skin care. If ever, I hope to improve my current makeup skills! ^__^

  13. GFC: Andy Cuevas
    Email: shutters27@gmail.com
    FB Name: Krisanne Bunyi
    Twitter Username: @fragileanne

    I do expect to learn more about make-up and to have fun in the workshop!

  14. GFC: Bebop Gimoto
    Email: bebop_zz18@yahoo.com
    FB name: Bebop Gimoto
    Twitter username: @bebopZz18

    I expecting too much with this workshop,to learn more about on how to put make up and how to combine different colors and how it fits in our dresses...


Thanks for commenting! :)