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Kawaii Eyes: HANA MA23 Super Nudy Green

Holla! {^_^}
Here's moi again...sharing with you another kawaii beauty accessory that some of you might already know I'm much addicted to! Yup you've guessed it right! None other than new pairs of lenses! (~~,)
 I was actually a bit skeptical to wear this green lenses when I first saw them. Or may be I've been just really into grays, blue and purple? I dunno but the only green lens that suit me well was Geo Angel Green. This immediately reminded me of Geo Nudy Green,which I purchased years ago that in my opinion doesn't fit my eye shape nicely.The latter was a tad lighter than this one as far as I remember. However, this HANA MA23 Super Nudy Green I guess was more of the right shade of green that I blends better to my natural eye color.

Here are more photos of the actual lens:
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Always check the expiration date. Mine states 2016/11
Some more photos of me wearing the lens with different lighting setup.

Product Description
Color:  Green
Diameter: 14.5mm
BC: 8.6
Water: 38%
Price: $20.00

My thoughts
-Has dolly-eye green effect. Definitely makes the eyes pop. Great for those who loves asian kawaii looks, photo shoots , cosplays and likes.
-The diameter size also suits my preference. I own several lens with 15mm and I honestly don't wear them as much. 14mm-14.5mm diameter lenses looks perfectly fine on my eye shape.
-The shade of color green blends my natural eye shape well than the other green lens I've tried. (Remember that the lens effect still depends on your natural eye color and shape.)
-It's comfortable to wear and doesn't feel thick upon wearing.
-Comes with a lens case per pair. (I happen to buy from optical shops before and sometimes the lens case is not included in the package. Soooo yehey! Plus the lens case is what I prefer. A lens case with a clear cap so I can see what's inside and saves me time from choosing which lens to wear for a particular day.)

-You might find it hard to choose from their site . Better check out their FB Fan Page to see more photos of their previous clients with the actual lenses. 
-This exact pair only comes in PLANO, meaning only for those who have normal eye vision.
-I don't highly recommend for those who prefer natural-looking colored lens.

Overall, I still like the lens. Gives a nice twist to my mainstream lens haul. Not overly flamboyant actually. May still be wearable during daytime with light neutral shadows and cute asian faux lashes and great fashion style. Btw, If you're also from the Philippines, shipping takes 1-2weeks.

Watcha think about this? 
Have you tried wearing a pair of green lenses?

Kiwiberry also have other products aside from contact lenses.
Feel free to check their site: http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/
You might also be interested on checking their Rewards Loyalty Program where you can collect and redeem points for great rewards such as FREE circle lens & false lashes.

REMEMBER: You only have two precious eyes in your entire existence, well except if you're willing to pay millions of pesos for an eye surgery/transplant...so TAKE CARE OF THEM. Purchasing /wearing lenses comes with responsibility. It's not all about styling and enhancing your looks. It is recommended to always consult with an eye specialist first and clean lenses properly and regularly.
You may use code "jannahmarielopez" for 15% discount when you shop at their website!

Sheri Wong

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FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 


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