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Love at first sight: Beauty Cosmetics 12pc Brush Set

Hi lovelies!

Just wanted to throw a brief post about my first impressions on Beauty Cosmetics 12 piece brush set.
These are their hottest and latest brushes!
The moment I saw the brush kit, OH MY!!! It looks so luxurious!
I've known Beauty Cosmetics and the good owner Ms. Senn for so long already, even before I started out blogging and making tuts and vids. See my video last year introducing BC HERE and my previous blog posts HERE. I've always been a fan of their "quality yet affordable" products. But I never expected that a PHP1,250.00 brush set would look and feel as luxurious as this.

 It exceeded my first hand expectations. One thing I immediately noticed  is the protective leather brush case. It comes in a magnetic closure which secures the brushes even more and makes the whole look darn classier and easier to use! I just had to say this...I super love the brush roll, even the flaps aren't made of just plastic! It's overall texture feels classy and it is actually sturdy. I just love it a bunch! 

And here are the brushes! Wee! :)
All of this babies have black glossy long handles with Beauty Cosmetics brand.
I also noticed that the bristles are dense and feels very soft. I immediately washed them after I went back to work. I did not experienced any shedding nor bleeding. I noticed that they dried up pretty fast too(or it's just really cold and windy lately LOL). I'm quite brutal with cleaning my brushes despite the fact that it may loosen up their glue. I really deep wash  my brushes(as in deep, vivid wash LOL). I'd rather make sure to have everything clean as much as possible before it touches my face (majority of those with sensitive skin will fooosure agree with me). Exactly the reason why I can't post a "how I clean my brushes" video or post. You guys might end up pitying the brushes! Fortunately, most of my brushes survived! And actually none from my Beauty Cosmetics brushes ever gave up so far. Kudos!

The fact that it looks more worth than PHP 1,250, you're already getting more than what you pay for.
I mean, if you divide the it by 12 oh my, each just cost for P104 something. 
Just the eye brushes alone IMO would each cost more than that. Isn't it that an ELF eyeshader brush cost here P129? What more for the face brushes, considering there are 4 face brushes on the whole set?
Plus I love the fact that they did not just included a spoolie or anything that would looks "just to make it 12pc" or simply "just to fill in the set" brush. Each brush is worthy IMO and would be very essential in everyday use.

I can't still say much as far as how it picks up pigments and stuff. Let's see how good are this babies as far as their actual performance... I'll update you as soon as I have tried and tested them all out.

Btw, the whole set actually reminded me of Sigma's Mr. Bunny Essential Kit enclosed in a Sigma's Classic Brush Roll. See more photos of the BC's latest 12pc brushes below...

 And the set includes:
1. Large Powder Face brush
2. Flat Top Brush
3. Large Angled  Face Brush
4. Foundation Brush
5. Larger Eye Shader brush
6. Blending Brush (similar shape to Sigma E25 brush)
7. Smaller Eye Shader brush
8. Small Angled brush
9. Medium Angled Shading brush
10. Pencil brush
11. Concealer brush
12. Detailer brush

It was indeed "love at first sight"! These babies looks so classy!
Oh, they're actually also available in pink handles which you may SEE HERE.
See more of Beauty Cosmetics products HERE.

You may avail it at Beauty Cosmetics shop now!
They also have brush guards, eyebrow stencils, palettes and etc. 
You may use code "JANNAH" for 10% discount on your purchase at Beauty Cosmetics 
on your purchase of palettes at Beauty Cosmetics. Brush sets are now not applicable for any affiliate discount code anymore since they're already at the lowest possible prices.

I'll post an in-depth review soon with closer shots of each brushes okie dokie? 
Please stay tuned for that lovelies! 

What do you think about this brushes? Wanna give 'em a try? 
Grab yours now! *wink*

Thanks for reading! Take care!


FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 


  1. Wow sis ang ganda ng new babies mo! Ako I really wanted to have a set of makeup brushes. I think this is what I really need to come up with the perfect smokey eyes and flawless looking face. I am still looking for affordable ones e, and I think dapat ko na tong isama sa wishlist ko. tingin mo? Free SF ba itech? Mukang supe soft ng brushes! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes they're uber soft! It must be in your wishlist IMO. Aw it's not free SF as far as I know dear. Choose black for pro classy look, pink if u prefer kikay version haha. Anyway both are priced at PHP1,250 only. That's a great deal for a nice brush set like this for me instead of getting less than 1k for just a so-so brush set. I'd also love to know what you think about this after you have yours already. Lemme know ha :)

    2. Hehe thanks you Jannah! Siguro by month of Ber pa ko makakabili, I am on a tight budget this days e. hehe Sige iwiwishlist ko na to'! Will post it kapag nakabili na ako. Thanks!

  2. they look really nice especially for the price... do you think beauty cosmetics has something like the sigma E20 short shader brush? I've looking for something similar to that brush for a long still time and still can't find any.

    1. Hi!Here's the closest possible BC brush I think, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=338198546262014&set=a.338198492928686.81448.149967471751790&type=3&theater (See the second one from the right). Waah I'm not uber sure that it's a great dupe, just actually basing my judge from the photo.Also, it comes with a set. Btw, I found this also while searching:http://www.makeupbyjoyce.com/2011/11/review-comparison-mac-214-brush-vs.html :)

  3. I'm looking for a brush for personal use. Thank you so much for this post. I'm gonna make a purchase today. I'm a new follower.


    1. Oh great! Would love to know your thoughts on it after u got urs already! You're most welcome. Thanks also:)

  4. this one will be adding in my wishlist! Thanks for this great review. I have been looking for a set of brushes, till now don't have one set hhehe..

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