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Get to know more about MOISTURIZERS

I will be honest that beforehand, my only skin care was cleansing, then exfoliate once in a while. All along I thought that was already the basic. But no, my skin needed more. Proper skin care includes:

Now let's have a deeper understanding on the last step, MOISTURIZING...

Moisturizers as the name already implies, are meant to hydrate the skin. They penetrate deeply into your skin, nourish your skin cells, retain the essential moisture and keep your skin soft. Remember to ALWAYS CLEANSE FIRST. Moisturizers do not only increase the skin's water content but also protect the skin and encourage an orderly desquamation (shedding) process that makes the skin appear more smooth and supple. It also helps skin become free from any breaks or cracks that gives harmful bacteria an opportunity to enter cause all sorts of infections.

No matter what your skin type is (dry, oily or sensitive) you shouldn't skip the moisturizing. For dry skin, skipping this step on your skin care routine will eventually lead to some redness, flaking, may allow wrinkles and other aging signs appear earlier than usual. Many moisturizers now a days contain exfoliating ingredients such as  alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, salicylic acid and etc. These ingredients could be helpful in improving acne, especially mild or comedonal acne, by increasing cell turnover. However, if you are using any topical acne medication, moisturizers with these ingredients can irritate the skin and increase peeling and flaking (which is a no,no) . In this case, it's better to use a moisturizer without exfoliating ingredients unless of course  it is prescribed by your dermatologist. Dry skin types are better off with cream formulations, formulations that contain more oil than water in the base.

For those with sensitive skin types, moisturizing regularly might help ease some of the irritation. It is best to choose a hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free formulation if your skin is sensitive. Most safe to consult a medical specialist first.

Now for oily skin types, this might have been perhaps a misconception for many. Moisturizers are used to improve skin's hydration, water-content and not oil-content. Supposedly people with oily skin type tends to deep cleanse their face often daily just to keep oil under control. Thus, leading to skin's lack of essential oil to keep it well hydrated. What happens when you skip on moisturizing? Skin's natural compensation then takes place by replenishing essential oil that may lead to excessive oil production just to keep your skin hydrated. Moisturizers keep the skin from doing this by maintaining skin's hydration balanced. For oily skin types, it is best to choose a moisturizer labeled as oil-free and noncomedogenic or simply non-acnegenic. Oil-free products do not have added oils that may leave a heavy and greasy feel to the skin. Noncomedogenic products are also much less likely to clog the pores and cause breakouts.

The number of moisturizers on the current market is astounding! Isn't it?
Here's some few tips you might want to remember in trying out a moisturizer:
*Know your skin type.
*Read the label. It's always an advantage to know or just simply familiarize yourself on what particular ingredients to avoid or suit your skin.
*Know what type of moisturizer and what trick fits your skin best.
*Don't slather your face with moisturizer! Just apply a pea-size amount for the entire face. Find if it absorbs fully and it should not feel heavy nor very greasy.

So far, I have only tried a few and here are they:

PANACEA Olio Nutriente

Keep in mind that we all have different reactions on certain product, "To each his own".
Don't be overwhelmed by the huge amounts of rave and good feedback you hear most specially when you're a very particular type of person. It's best to know what you need for your skin type and of course your personal selectivity. To look for the best skin care product in the market today is quite a challenge. Don't be such an "okay na yan/ ayan nalang/bahala na" type of person. Also, don't look into the price/value of the product, look more unto it's qualities and of course it's effectivity. Cheap doesn't mean that it wouldn't always work and vice versa on expensive ones. May be you just have to dig deeper. It's always a hit and miss at first. If you're up to trial and error then be ready with your budget. Otherwise, I suggest that you consult a pro that understands your skin needs or even just someone who has the same skin type and likes as yours. That gives a greater chance to save than splurge on skin care products that wouldn't actually suit your skin. Yes, moisturizing is essential indeed. But it doesn't have to cost a leg and an arm. And oh, simple face masks, moisturizing sheets and likes at least once  week does make a huge difference. Also maintaining a good diet, vitamins specially Vit E and enough time to sleep (which I am guilty of) will surely help.

Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to make separate reviews for these products I showed you. I just realized that I have loads of products that I'm already using yet I still haven't shared with you yet. Also, I'll try my best to post more about tips and tricks, DIYs, fashion and other related stuffs aside from beauty product reviews with reference to your comments on my giveaway questions HERE and HERE. Of course I didn't asked that for no reason. I won't promise that I can fulfill all your requests but I will really try my best if time and budget permits me to do so. Anyway, I hope you I helped you thru this post. Likewise, I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share it on the comment section below. Thank you so much for your time on reading, droppin' by my blog, your efforts on commenting and keepin' in touch with me. Have a wonderful day ahead! Keep yourself healthy and glowing no matter how stressful the events in your life are.
Life is beautiful and so are you! Stay safe!

J. Lopez

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