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Anniversary Giveaway with a Twist: Be Featured on my blog!


It was a beautiful sunny day...FINALLY!

But before we call it a day. I have an exciting announcement...(WEEEEE!)
I've reached one year on Blogger and YouTube! :)
It was so great meeting and knowing all or most of you! :)

Here's another GRATITUDE surprise for you my dearies.

There will be two (2) lucky winners to be randomly chosen via raffle.com
Open to all female, male and other existing genders of the earth! I don't care if you're a gay, bi or what...
No prejudices and bias here. As long as you want to win, you exerted effort on this giveaway then gooooo! Please, only one entry per person. Regardless of how many facebook accounts, laptops, computer or email address you have. It will all boil down on how honest you are. Best of luck everyone! :)

Prize #1
-Makeup Academy trio eyeshadow in passion
-ELF eyelid primer
-NYX round lipstick in Margarita
-Krave Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut
-Krave Panacea Oil
-Krave Blush crush in Pink muffin
-Krave organic foundation in Cassata
-Triple P fruit masque
-Long chain necklace

Prize #2
--Krave Blush crush in Peach sorbet
-Krave organic foundation in Tiramisu
-Krave Oil Eliminator Hydrator
-Krave Pretty Young Thing
-Krave Correct and Conceal Mineral concealer
-Mist Spritz make up setting/ face mist
-Fruttie Poreless Toner spray

Please use the rafflecopter form to enter!

Mandatory rules:
1. Be a follower of Life is Beautiful-A beauty blog by Jannah via GFC.
2.Follow @jannahlopez on twitter.
3. Subscribe to jannahmarielopez 's YouTube channel.
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6. Follow via Bloglovin.
7. LIKE and follow ALL the current giveaway sponsors' Facebook Fan Page
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It's @jannahlopez 's 1st Anniversary giveaway! Lots of goodies from  @KraveMinerale  &  Fabshopaholic up for grabs! :)
9.Share on your Facebook. Just click the "FB button" at the end of this post.
10. Post this on your Facebook wall and don't forget to post publicly and tag appropriately.
It's Jannah Lopez 's 1st Anniversary giveaway! Lots of goodies from  @Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals  & @fabshopaholic up for grabs! Join here: http://jannahmarielopez.blogspot.com/2012/08/anniversary-giveaway-with-twist-be.html"
11. Recommend this post to google by clicking the g+1 button located at the end of this post.
12. Leave a blog post comment.
Email add:
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Please leave a sincere and genuine answer to the following question or questions. 
(Feel free to answer one or two questions). 
Just wanna know your "beauty queen answers" LOL! xD
"How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
"What makes you and your life beautiful?"

Optional rule: (+10 points)
1. Post the giveaway sidebar on your blog.
<a href="http://jannahmarielopez.blogspot.com/2012/08/anniversary-giveaway-with-twist-be.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_fqSuyUmZH4/UCULZukZRBI/AAAAAAAADg8/oZQGB_o6d9s/s640/Picture1.jpg" width="200" height="200" /></a>
2. Make a blog post about this giveaway.


I want to see you!...*virtually*
I also wanted to share this blog with you ...*literally*
So, I've come up with a very unique idea!
*Finally my neurons went back to work again after the long bed weather days*
I want everyone else to share a piece of them on my blog as well as to share their beautiful faces!

Send YOUR best photo (your FACE must be seen) holding your MOST favorite beauty product to my email: jannahmarielopez@gmail.com

Please and please and please (unlimited? LOL!)
Send a photo of YOU and not other people okie dokie? No posers allowed please. I am personally irritated to posers and copycats. You are beautiful yourself...In addition, only one product to show. Add a brief explanation what is your fave product and why you love it the most.Yes, I will share your photos and explanations. It would be my pleasure to not only share my fave products but also yours!Items are not necessarily to be from Krave or fabshopaholic. Kindly include your blog links if you have a blog. I will surely be glad to share your links  but please do not flood me with your photos and links as I am not an advertising company. Be creative and have fun!

Example only:
Hi! My favorite beauty product is ELF 32pc eye shadow set because it contains all the eye colors I need on a daily basis. Perfect neutrals combined with some fun colors! I love it's affordable price and smooth application! -Jannah of http://www.jannahmarielopez.blogspot.com/

So that's it!
I hope you loved the prizes!

Follow me on twitter for more updates.
Or check out my YouTube channel.
I have no Facebook Fan page as I'm not a public figure
nor an instagram just because *thinking* *thinks very hard*
Okaaaay...I just don't think I can update much of social networking thingy.
So yeah..but sometimes I link my personal Facebook account on the end of my posts.

Your time spent on reading my posts are my main inspiration to continue what I am doing...
But really...all the positivity you share to me makes me inspired and motivated to make more posts and videos no matter how much busy and sleepless I am. Thank you...
Take care!


~Hello everyone! I would just like to make a quick announcement...
I am really disappointed with those kind of people. I am doing my best to share and giveback as much as possible and there are other people who abuse it. Please...don't make an impression. I know how much you want to win something (who wouldn't right?). But please be considerate! All I ask is a little effort in exchange for lots of worth it beauty products. How many hours would it take you to tag properly, to click LIKE or type few words? If you don't have the patience to follow my instructions then don't enter. No one is forcing you. I AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE THE ENTRIES OF THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. ALSO THOSE WHO DOUBLE UP THEIR ENTRIES WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. Yes, I really make time to verify and screen the entries no matter how busy I am. If you want it, please be a deserving one. Do no cheat, do not be greedy and do not fool me. I am not a super prim and proper type of person but as much as possible, I always bear this in mind
 "The  key to a good life is to become a good person. To feel good, you must do good."


  1. I am so excited to join this giveaway, I will do the "twist" tomorrow, hoping to do it with the help of mr. Sun :)

  2. What an awesome giveaway! Congratulations on your anniversary! =)

  3. GFC: Sie Cajilig
    Email add: inventr3sz_16@yahoo.com
    FB name: Sie Cajilig
    Twitter username: @SieCajilig
    YT username: Irusas16
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?
    - You help me deside on products I think of purchasing. You save my face and money. X3
    What makes you and your life beautiful?
    - My good grades that makes my family proud. Enough said. =D

  4. GFC name: Aviva Domasian
    Email: crazy.about.sakto@gmail.com
    FB name: Aviva Domasian
    Twitter name: @AvivaDomasian
    YouTube name: ichivivi20

    How did my blog/YouTube channel help you?
    Through your blog, I learn about a lot of different cosmetics and I am grateful for that because it helps me choose the right product. Watching your videos on YouTube helped me realize how easy it is to enhance my beauty with just a few products.

    What makes you and your life beautiful?
    Nothing else but an open mind. It helps me view things from different perspectives. Best of all, it helps me understand where other people are coming from. The world would be so much more beautiful if only more people kept an open mind and strove to understand each other more.

    Thank you for another generous giveaway! Hugs!

  5. GFC: June Izabelle
    Email: enujellebazi@gmail.com
    FB: Jill Roque
    Twitter: @jillroque
    YouTube: Msjillroque

    Your blog/YouTube channel helps me a lot to choose what's the right product, if it's worth it to buy even it's expensive. It also helps me to put make-up in proper way.

    What makes me beautiful is having a positive outlook in life & having a strong faith in God.

  6. GFC: sdfghjklsmrdll
    Email add: smrdll@gmail.com
    FB name: Stella Rodrigo
    Twitter username: frozenpetals
    YT username: smrdll

    What makes me beautiful...

    Inspiration from God and all the lovely people I've met from all walks of life!

  7. GFC: rivera_kristine18
    Email add: rivera_kristine18@yahoo.com.ph
    FB name: Tin amore
    Twitter username: @khayedee
    YT username: kristine rivera
    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    Ans: I am a Nurse (claim it! even wala pang result) and being a nurse is no joke. you must posses a caring attitude and devoted to make every single patient satisfied or given your best care. And doing this kind of service and devote your life for others makes me and my life beautiful.

  8. GFC: remeyajle
    Email add: lj_lottus09@yahoo.com
    FB name: eljhey morales barcenas
    YT username: remeyajle
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?
    -your YT channel helped me find good quality prods..
    What makes you and your life beautiful?
    -my family is the major reason why my life is beautiful right now...

  9. GFC: wonderMaein
    Email add: memaine.villar@yahoo.com
    FB name: Maein Villar
    Twitter username: wonderMaein
    YT username: wonderMaein
    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    Actually, it's my first time visiting your blog. I have seen positive comments somehow. Hopefully, in the future I will have a lot to learn from your blog.
    Thank you and hope to win .. keke ;p
    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    Maybe, being positive is what makes me and my life beautiful ^^

  10. Franchesca Soleta
    Franchesca Soleta

    - Your channel gives a new perspective of tutorials and tips. It's very easy to watch unlike other channels. It helps me in a very informative way. Clear and its like I'm a student watching her favorite teacher doing her job.

    - My positivity makes me even more beautiful, it's hard but you should be optimistic. of course my family and everyone I love and the happiness life has to offer :)

  11. Email add: isabel_echano@yahoo.com.ph
    FB name: Isabel Lapitan Echano
    Twitter username: @hungryisabel
    YT username: cocobella021

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    -What makes me and my life beautiful is how I see it. i look at it as positively as i can to diminish the bad ones and look to the future as pretty as i can. Friends help by making everyday of my life full of laughter and stress free and God to guide my way. :)

  12. GFC: maly
    Email add: msbookworm22@yahoo(dot)com
    FB name: Maly Naine Manligas
    Twitter username: @malynaine
    YT username: nighttenjo12
    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?" "What makes you and your life beautiful?"

    My Beauty Queen answer:
    What I love with your blog are the product reviews especially products that be purchased in especially in shops here in the Philippines, your honest reviews help me decide if I should really try a certain product or not. And ofcourse I love your giveaways! Come on, who doesn't love free stuff.hahaha

  13. GFC: JameilaB
    Email add: fab_missjameila@yahoo.com
    FB name: Jameila Bito-on
    Twitter username: JameilaB
    YT username: JameilaB

    What makes you and your life beautiful?
    What makes life beautiful is when you can cover up all mess by moving forward - Make it look like nothing bad really happened. Stay awesome and act like a princess. Everything looks beautiful when you flaunt it like you're a priceless diamond.

  14. GFC: Zelle ♥
    Email add: hazeluri at yahoo dot com
    FB name: Hazel Ann Uri
    Twitter username: @hzlzelle
    YT username: zeev4o

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    It helped get to know Krave better. I really appreciate your Krave minerals reviews because i'm a big fan of vegan-friendly stuff, mineral makeup and organic skin care.

  15. GFC: Vanessa Rose Palacio
    Email add: rose_sweetangel10@yahoo.com
    FB name: Assenav Esor Oicalap
    Twitter username: @angel_lookz
    YT username: Vanessa Rose Palacio

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    Your YT channel helps me by learning tutorials about applying make-ups! ^_^

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    What makes me and my life beautiful is having a 7 months and 24 days old baby boy and having him, I'm contented with my life right now! ^_^

  16. GFC: Marie Jane Rosell Jaime
    Email add: jaimemariejanerosell@gmail.com
    FB name: Marie Jane Rosell
    Twitter username: @MarieJaneRosell
    YT username: iyakin17

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    I am new in blogging and the main reason I started one is (let's say) to divert my attention form stress around me. Whew! Your blog and youtube channel helped me to become more inspired by giving me a hint on how to take care of myself and how to feel beautiful. Thank you for the makeup tips and tutorials, because once I am done with my face, I feel so beautiful and stress-free.

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    My life is not perfect. I am a young mom, and have not married yet. Single-mom literally. :D But my son makes me feel so beautiful every time he kisses me and calls me Mommy over and over again. I am so blessed! :)

  17. GFC: tin riveta
    Email Add: tinriveta@yahoo.com
    FB name: tin raine riveta
    Twiiter username @tinydazzles
    YT username: sakuradropsify

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"

    It helped me learn new techniques in makeup artistry and help me a lot to knew good products and makeup to use because of the reviews and great swatches especially in your lipstick swatches. I am such a makeup junkie. I always wanted to be a good blogger just like you! Thanks!

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"

    The way i look my life in positive way. Positive thinking makes me realize that in every problem i face int not the end of the world just smile and let the things fall into the right places. Smiling makes me beautiful!

  18. GFC: Adela Ioana
    Email add: adelavoinea [@] yahoo [dot] com
    FB name: Adela Ioana
    Twitter username: @4everlimitless
    YT username: 4everlimitless

  19. "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"

    I follow your blog recently, and YT channel from today. :) As much as I search in your blog and your YT channel I discover a lot of tehniques that I can't wait to apply them. I like very much your tutorials and your tips!

  20. GFC: Lorraine Carla Laplap
    Email add: laplap_carla@yahoo.com
    FB name: Fée Mode
    Twitter username: @lorrainecarlaa
    YT username: lorrainecarla

    Just wanna know your "beauty queen answers" LOL! xD
    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?" It really helps a lot. Because when u want to buy a certain beauty products, it is important to know its result and what will it looks like. Miss jannah, Im always been ur youtube subscriber since then (not literally a subscriber but I always watch ur vid). Thank you so much for the tutorials and reviews! More power.
    "What makes you and your life beautiful?" Make up? Kidding! With my family, my life is already beautiful. :)

  21. GFC: Janelle Dumalaon
    Email add: jaja_1117@yahoo.com
    FB name: Janelle Dumalaon
    Twitter username: @jaynell24
    YT username: jaja214
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?it helped me a lot, especially in makeup application, i was a newbie back then, but because of your easy to follow steps, i was able to teach myself how to do my makeup!

    What makes you and your life beautiful?my family, of course, i wouldn't be here if not because of them. and of course my forever understanding boyfriend. :)

  22. GFC: elaine chua
    Email add: elainecutey(at)yahoo(dot)com
    FB name: khyutee chua
    Twitter username: khyutee
    YT username: khyutee12
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you? - your blog and youtube channel helped me with the tips and style on how to apply make up. i can experiment with your guidance :) thanks for this ;)
    What makes you and your life beautiful? my life is beautiful because of my family and friends around me that love and care for me. knowing someone who love you and care for you truly makes life so beautiful :)

  23. GFC name: cherrielyn sapo
    Email: che_rex24@yahoo.com
    FB name: cheray pilapil
    Twitter name: @cherhai
    YouTube name: cherrielyn sapo

    i want to join here!!! hope i win :)

  24. GFC: rosie ledesma
    Email add: osielicious@gmail.com
    FB name: osie ru
    Twitter username: osielicious
    YT username: rosie ledesma

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    I can always find new cosmetics, beauty products and how to to make-up better :)

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    I love my life and it's so beautiful coz i married the right guy and we will be having our first baby soon :)

  25. GFC:Therese Decena
    Email add:marinetherese@yahoo.com.ph
    FB name:Tere Decena
    Twitter username:@cothciepie
    YT username:http://www.youtube.com/user/cothciepie

    hi!!i think your blog is amazing & Interesting!!good job!!it helps me to become updated with all the products that are new in the market,& now i know how to fix myself,not only to look presentable but beautifull.. :D well, i think my life becomes amazing by the positive people i surround myself with, the choice i make everyday & importantly my faith in GOD.. :D

  26. GFC: Thalia Vergara
    Email add: vergara.thalia@yahoo.com
    FB name: Anna Thalia Calicdan
    Twitter username: @na_thalia08
    YT username: annathaliacalicdan@yahoo.com
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you? You, Ms. Janna, empowered me to be conventional, i learned so much from you with your vids and blog posts...I really love your makeup tutorials! :)
    What makes you and your life beautiful?
    ♪ I don't know...oh...oh...I don't know I'm beautiful, and that what makes me beautiful...XD♫
    My life has been so colorful and meaningful, and that's what makes up the beauty of it. I'm a girl of integrity and because of my strong bubbly and diverse personality, and my flaws & imperfections are what makes me beautiful.

  27. GFC: Vanie Torio
    Email add: torio_ivanna@yahoo.com
    FB name: Ivanna Torio
    Twitter username: @vanielovesit
    YT username: Vanie Torio

    ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ How did your blog/Youtube channel helped you?
    I love how your makeup tutorials are done (sinusundan ko talaga) haha =) and the products you used and reviews which are available locally.

    1. done with the TWO optional entries^_^
      please visit my blog for it thaaaaaaaanks!

  28. GFC: Angelamhiere
    Email: sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com
    FB Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
    Twitter: @Angelamhiere
    Youtube Username: Angelamhiere0221

    1. Q: How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?
    A: Your blog and youtube channel has encouraged me to be more beauty conscious and confident with or without makeup. It also encouraged me to be more creative and adventurous in many kinds of ways. =)

    2. Q: What makes you and your life beautiful?
    A: In my opinion what has made me and my life more beautiful are the various obstacles that I have encountered in life. The trials that I have faced has helped me become stronger. Also, the number one reason why my life is beautiful and blossoming is because of my wonderful husband. He's actually the typical romantic guy - he is very practical about his choices. I am thankful that more than 6 years ago, I met a smart, cuddly guy and made the best decision of sticking with him. He is definitely a blessing to behold. Now, we are married for almost a year and although our schedules are pretty hectic, I believe that we are stronger more than ever. I'm looking forward to a lifelong of beautiful and bountiful life with the man I love dearly. =)

    Love makes my life beautiful. ^__^

  29. GFC: nicole
    Email add: cristinenicolepaler@gmail.com
    FB name: Nicole Paler
    Twitter username: @cristinepaler
    YT username: jellynicole0218

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    Through your blog I found new and interesting products to save up for and use, like San san products and Beauty Cosmetics Brushes ;)

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    My life is beautiful cause of my daughter, husband and my extended family-plus a little bit of prettifying and boosting my confidence with Make up ;)

  30. GFC: Crazy Kenpachi
    Email Add: arroyolovely@gmail.com
    FB name: Lovely Arroyo
    Twitter: @lianlove10
    YT: Lovely Arroyo

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"

    Being a working student, I tend to meet and face many people everyday and I thanked you for making this blog and videos that helped a lot not just only me, but for all the girls out there keep worrying about their skin,face and body.

    Though this blog we learned beauty tips that really helps a lot to take care of our skin and face that gives us higher self confidence to face the beautiful life in this world. ^_^

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"

    What makes my life beautiful are my love ones Who's always there beside me whenever I'm down and God that loves me so much and always there to guide and forgive all sins. Life isn't perfect, but yeah Miss Jannah was right "Life is Beautiful we just have to realize it." ^_^

  31. GFC: Jacky Talotts
    Email add:jackyohhhhh@gmail.com
    FB name:Jacqueline Talotta

    Your blog has introduced me to nice beauty products that I would have otherwise not known about.

    And I think my ambition makes me beautiful. My loved ones make my life beautiful :)

  32. GfC: cel
    mitch_mar2003 at yahoo dot com
    Mitch Lalic

    your blog helps me on how to stay young and beautiful. the tips and instructions are very informative that anyone can absorb.

    My baby and my hubby are my inspirations why I am beautiful and how our life stays beautiful. They are the colors that makes me bloom and they are the sunshines of my every morning to make me smile every day.

  33. GFC: Sabrina Tedjokusuma
    Email add: sabrinatjo@gmail.com
    FB name: Sabrina Tedjokusuma
    Twitter username: @SabrinaTe
    YT username: sabrinatjo
    "What makes you and your life beautiful?" Peeps around me (family, boyfriend, friends, virtual friends, etc) make my life beautiful. ^_^ cliche, right? =p but it is.

  34. FB name: mary avellana reana
    Twitter username: @maryjhan
    YT username: mary reana
    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    First it helped me explore the other side of blogging industry which is the giveaways..hehehe. and i loved it "What makes you and your life beautiful?" well just like the others says, the people behind my perspiration my inspiration..my children, my hubby and my father and my friends also..tnx.

  35. GFC: charmaigne grace gepana
    Email add: hotie_shockz@yahoo.com
    FB name: zash gepana
    Twitter username: @shazaei
    What makes me and my life beautiful?

    being contented and at peace makes my life beautiful. i'm very thankful for everything. circumstances made me a better person.

  36. GFC: Beauty fiend (whokilledlola.blogspot.co.uk)
    Email add: whokilledlola@gmail.com
    FB name: PrincessAurora
    Twitter username: violentlysexy

    What makesme and my life beautiful is having my friends and family and animals around me and knowing that I am a good person and always willing to help family and friends out and also treating people how I would like to be treated

  37. gfc:ruby
    fb name:Ruby Salazar Papio

    Your youtube channel helps me to improve my make up skills

    My life beautiful because of the love of my family!

  38. GFC: hazel xvi
    Email add: eychie_16@yahoo.com
    FB name: Hazel Alvarez
    Twitter username: @hazeliris16
    YT username: eychie16

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    My loved ones and all of the blessings I have :)

  39. GFC: Mei Santiago
    Email: meisantiago29@gmail.com
    Twitter: @rinoabrood
    FB Name : Mei S. Santiago
    YT : newzaroundus

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    My love for my family and friends. They love me for what I am and who I am.

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  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. GFC: agnes mabel espino
    Email add: agnesneriaespino@yahoo.com
    FB name: agnes neria-espino
    Twitter username: agnesespino

    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    Entertained me, thanks!:)

    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    work-home balance :)

  43. GFC: Stephanie Abiera
    Email add: isteph19kisses@yahoo.com
    FB name: Teph Abiera
    Twitter username:@bebeTEPH
    YT username: thisisTEPH
    "How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?"
    in a way your blog opened my mind to new things espcially when it comes to make-up :)
    "What makes you and your life beautiful?"
    GOD, family, boyfriend, friends. Lots of love! <3

  44. GFC: leizle demaisip
    Email add: leizledemaisip@yahoo.com
    FB name: Leizle Demaisip
    Twitter username: @iamLeizle4ever
    YT username: leizledemaisip
    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?- i'm not a make-up type of girl. I don't really know how to apply make-up or choose right products, YOURS really helped me a lot.
    What makes you and your life beautiful? - every people that surrounds me makes my life beautiful.

  45. GFC: Cheska Pagsanjan
    Email add: cheska_1234@yahoo.com
    FB name: Cheska Pagsanjan
    Twitter username:@gotchessyvibes
    YT username: Cheska Pagsanjan
    It helps me to choose wisely what beauty product should I use..
    By staying a positive vibes and character and sharing it other people

  46. GFC Username: Rizelle
    Email Address: yzie711@gmail.com
    Facebook Name: Rizelle Riogelon
    Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/yzie711
    Twitter Name: @Rizelle711
    YouTube: cruisegirl78

    Im not into make-up things but your blog helped me to pick and use the right one for me.

    I sorround myself with positive and happy people =)

  47. GFC: Eds Ramos
    Email Add: girlcomplicated18@gmail.com
    FB Name: Eds Ramos
    Twitter username: just_Eds
    YT Username: Eds Ramos

    How did my blog/YouTube channel helped you?

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Before, I do not wear make ups.
    I learned a lot about different kinds of cosmetics and how to use them. See, I am not that good with make ups until I found your blog. I learned a lot and I am so glad that I am still learning. Watching your videos over and over again made me realize that I do not need that much cosmetics just to really look my best, all I need are the right make up & tools and you as my guide. =)

    What makes you and your life beautiful?

    Love makes me and my life beautiful. Its such a broad answer right? Love from my family especially my son. They never left me. They accepted me after everything that I have done. With the hardships that I had gone through my life, it’s their love that made me stronger, it’s the love that they showered me made me who I am today and that makes me and my life beautiful.

  48. GFC: arra
    Email Add: naked_cannibal@yahoo.com
    FB: Arra Morta
    Twitter: @NakedArra
    YT: seduction861

    Your blog help me so much on SAVING:)Haha,yeah right cos before I purchase something I visit your blog and sometimes instead of what I want I end up buying things that you review and recommend:)

  49. melandria romero
    email - melandriaonline@gmail(dot)com
    fb - melandria romero
    twitter: melandriaromero
    you tube - ria romero

    being beautiful is a state of mind, if you believe and see yourself beautiful,then your going to be one. i always remember that i need to be beautiful not because i want to please other but to help boost my self confidence.

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