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Korean Trends and Goods by WISHTREND

You guys must have known already. 
I am such a bb cream lover for over years and years now. Even BB cream wasn't available here in Philippines yet. I am a self-confessed kpop fanatic and Korean beauty product consumer.
I love their glowing healthy skin! To those who know me personally, you might already know my style: 
sheer coverage face products such as bb cream, light neutral eye shadows, 
winged eyeliner, soft blush and a match of lip color. 
More of enhancing the face than changing it into something...uhm let's say cakey and over done.

I know how hard it is to look for Asian cosmetics for some since a lot of western brands are  rather displayed on the market instead. I personally buy online Asian goodies due to that reason. Hence, I found out an interesting shop called WISHTREND.

 Wishtrend is a Trading, E-commerce, Global marketing company based in the capital of South Korea which  supplies and distributes wide array of Korean brands worldwide.

(All photo credits to: WISHTREND)

To see more of their products, just visit their site:

Yes, they are widely known! Be one of their fans on facebook!

Indulge yourself in Korea's latest beauty trends!:)



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  3. Thanks for the review of our products. You can see more products at wishtrend.com ! Wishtrend will be the hub of Korean cosmetics. Thanks again and have a wonderful day !


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