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NYX Mosaic Blush in LOVE: A twist to my mainstream blush color

Hi (again) everyone! :)
Just like what I've said on my super previous LA Colors Bronzer post (which was just hours ago LOL), I wanted to make this day a productive one. Hence, I'm spontaneously making posts. Can someone pls tap me at the back and congratulate me for a "no-no procrastination day!* Womp womp! 

And also, I hope everyone is okay. Let's pray for all the victims of flood here in Philippines...
I also hope there would be no massive spread of Leptospirosis and other diseases as I've heard on the news that the medics are now prepared on medical matters than what happened on Ondoy before. 
*crossing my fingers*

Now unto the main topic. Some of you might already now how much I love blushes.
One thing that I can't forget to wear on a daily basis is blush. I just love love love them to bits!
As mentioned way back on my previous blush reviews, as much as possible I wanna try all blush shades and color. Pinks and peaches are my mainstream cheek color. But lately, I've been hooked to this lovely orangey blush with very beautiful subtle shimmers!

It's none other than NYX Mosaic Blush in LOVE.
LOVEly indeed!

Here are some photos to show you:

Below are my swatches:
1st Photo: 
Swatched per individual color
2nd photo: 
Left: Heavy swatch when the color is mixed altogether
Right:  Blended well

and of course, NYX Mosaic Blush in LOVE

Here are the swatches of  the two (2) current NYX Mosaic blushes I own,

NYX Cosmetics product claims over their Mosaic Blushes:
"Like a light switch for the face, this medley of five luminizerscreates a dazzling glow for every skin tone. Our Mosaic Powder Blush canbe used on cheeks, eyes and even lips. The mineral-based formulahighlights, hydrates and helps protect skin. Available in 12 shades."

-I love how it naturally adds glow on my cheeks! I love the subtle shimmers and orange color! I make sure to blend it well to get the perfect orange hue.
-The packaging looks fairly decent. It's also very handy and travel-friendly.
-You'll be getting 5.7g in just one pan. That's a lot for me.
-Versatile blush color! I have tried it on my friends which have different skin complexion and undertone as I have. I noticed how the color compliments well on each of them. I highly suggest that you use it sparingly if you have fair complexion. While few swipes of this blush looks so flattering on morena dolls!
-It blends well and easy to apply. Just brush on your cheeks and oohhhlala, you now have that lovely orange blush with coral glow. LOVEly!
-Definitely not as chalky and stays longer than my NYX mosaic blush in plummy.

-Hoping NYX would be available on our local Philippine shopping malls.

Where to purchase?
NYX cosmetics
There are numerous online shops that sell them. Mine was a gift from Ms. Myla, the very sweet owner of Fabshopaholic  for my 1st blog and YouTube anniversary.
My lovely readers will also receive gifts from her so definitely keep an eye on that.
She is nice and sweet. Very accommodating in my opinion.
Btw, Ms. Myla is also the lady behind Glaminar Makeup Artistry.
If you are interested to win PHP 1,000 worth of Gift Certificate, click HERE.
I'd be participating in Glaminar Makeup Workshop on Aug 19.
Let's learn and have more fun with makeup!. I hope to see you there. 

Overall, I love this blush and I do recommend them in any skin color.

Have you tried an orange blush? What do you think of them?
I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

Thanks for reading!
Likewise, Sorry for any wrong grammar or spelling cause I'm already sleepy now.
Time to go to bed for me. Need to get up for an early work tom.

Better to have classes and work offices than see your fellow countrymen being flooded by heavy rain! Let's keep on praying and believing in Almighty that this will soon be over. Keep the faith. Every rainbow comes after the rain...

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Take care!

FTC: Product was sent to me as a gift. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review.


  1. I used an orange blush on my latest photoshoot which is gluttony, it's from my 42 color eyeshadow and blush palette.. :) I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow too if I want matte orange hahaha!:) I like the design of this blush! :)

  2. That looks really pretty!I've never used any NYX products before but that blush seems super interesting. Ive been going through a bit of a blush thing too recently :P

    1. Indeed! ^_^
      super pigmented! I guess with your skin color it would show up very well! We are both into circle lens and blush LOL. <3

  3. I super love orange blushers and I've been eyeing this particular one for a year or so ... Thanks to you now I'm totally into it.... Curse youuuuu!!!

  4. It really compliments your fair skin tone! i love orange/coral blushes too! I use Shawill dream rose. It's really pigmented! <3 You're really pretty!

    I'm a new follower of your blog. Hope you could follow me back :D


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  6. Hi Miss Jannah,
    The blush suits you! It gives you a healthy glow and it complements your skin.
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines


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