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NYX Mosaic Blush in Plummy

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're all doing well!

I just want to share with you a blush that I've been enjoying for couple of months now ever since I got it hereMy mainstream blushes are pinks and peaches. I never thought a "plummy" named blush would make it on my monthly fave and raves twice. Perhaps I loved it since this "plummy" blush is actually a combination of sheer pink, purple and brown, which makes the blush in general flattering on my skin tone.

NYX Cosmetics product claims over their Mosaic Blushes:
"Like a light switch for the face, this medley of five luminizerscreates a dazzling glow for every skin tone. Our Mosaic Powder Blush canbe used on cheeks, eyes and even lips. The mineral-based formulahighlights, hydrates and helps protect skin. Available in 12 shades."

I've been using this for several months and tadaaaa! Look how messy it is..Sorraaaaay!
I'm not lazy at all, IKR HAHA!

LEFT: Nyx Mosaic Blush in Plummy
RIGHT: Plum-colored blush from my 42pc Stack Duo Palette
TOP: Nyx Mosaic Blush in Plummy
BOTTOM: Plum-colored blush from my 42pc Stack Duo Palette

-I gotta love the shade! It's not actually plummy. More like a dusty rose IMO.
-The packaging looks fairly decent. It's also very handy and travel-friendly.
-You'll be getting 5.7g in just one pan. That's a lot for me. (Guess why I haven't hit the pan yet!)
-It's matte and the shade can compliment any skin tone. With fair complexion this would look more brownish than plummy while I've tried it on my morena friends and it looked more like of a natural pink. (Hope you understood my complex description LOL!)
-It's not as intimidating as it's name sound.
-I like the fact that it's sheer, it looks more natural! (This might be a CON for some because yeah, you really need to smash your brush dear! xP )
-Stays for decent number of hours. (Tip: Wear with cream blush and pat this over.)

-Little chalky and powdery.
-Hoping NYX would be available on our local Philippine shopping malls.

Have you tried this blush already?
Let me know if you have tried other PLUM shade blushes!
I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

Thanks for reading!
Congratulations you're unto the end of my super "another" informal review LOL.
Likewise, Sorry for any wrong grammar or spelling cause I'm already sleepy now.

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Alright, Take care!


FTC: Product is included on the prize I won from a fellow blogger's giveaway contest. I am not paid nor even told to make this review.


  1. I agree with you, this powder is chalky~

    1. Hi Shasha! Just saw your review on "Rosey". The shade looks good on you! Thanks for the comment! :)


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