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ELF Shimmer Gloss in New York City and Houston

Hello lovely! :)

I just want to share this two lip glosses that were sent to me by my online friend ROSE.
Please do subscribe to her YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/cutiehotMOM
She is a very nice and humble person.

She sent me more stuffs which you will know after I have uploaded the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY CONTEST for our channel collaboration. I haven't filmed yet since we are still deciding about the rules.
Don't worry it's not gonna be tough! :)

Well I am not a lip gloss person. I only own 6 glosses plus this 2 so it's just 8 in total.
It's nothing compared to my bunch of lipsticks. 
But this glosses made me change my "lipstick persona".

-First thing that made me love this glosses are their SCENT.
It smells so sweet! *love it!*
-It also taste good. Somewhat like strawberries.
- Decent packaging and staying power.
-Applicator works fine for me.
-Available locally thru SM Department Stores
or online shops.
-It's not sticky.
-I love the sheen that they add on my lips.
Not so over the top but the effect is noticeable.

-This is not a personal con for me but I'm going to say it anyway.
If you're looking for color pigmentation, this glosses might probably
not a good option for you. Try Careline instead.

Thanks sis Rose for sending me goodies and
Thanks for those lovelies who reads my post.

Take care y'all!
God Bless us all :)


Jannah <3

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