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ELF 32pc Eyeshadow Palette

Holla lovelies!
How was your day? I hope it was fine.

I just want to share with you this palette that Rose sent me.
Please do subscribe to her YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/cutiehotMOM
She is a very nice and humble person.

Yesterday when I got home, an LBC parcel welcomed me.
It was from sis Rose and it contains this items.

* 3 ELF 32pc palette
* 3 ELF eyelid primers
(For a collaboration Holiday Giveaway Contest on YouTube.
So if you want to win these items, please make sure to be our
subscriber on YouTube and watch out for our formal video contest announcement.)

She did not only sent the prizes but she also sent me gifts.
* 2 ELF shimmer glosses
* 1 ELF Palette for me
*1 Rimmel London lipstick in Airy Fairy
(This is her fave lippie, and I agree with her, I LOVE IIIIIIT!)

Aww isn't she sweet?! Thanks sissy! :) <3

She actually sent me 3 colorful palettes and 1 earth tone palette. She gave me the privilege to choose which one do I like for myself. I was really torn between the two options. I'm obsessed with neutral colors but for some reason I chose the colorful one instead. So this is what I picked out. The rest are for giveaway prizes already.

- 32 colors in one palette ( A very versatile palette)
- Pigmented 
(While playing with it, I found out that the colors appear more vibrant
using my fingers than my brushes. 
Forget about the sponge tip applicator that comes with it okay. HAHA)
- Stays for a decent length of time.
( I recommend you use Eyelid Primer. I use ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.)
- I love the last row of course HAHA!

- Powdery so it causes some fall-outs so be careful on that
-The sponge tip applicator is crappy
-Mirror is okay for me but some of you might find it too small for the palette size.


1st row: 
The greens and blues.
My fave color on this row is the last color. A black eye shadow with hints of gold glitters.
2nd row:
The pinks and purples
My fave color is the first subtle pinkish brown color. 
It's great for an everyday eye shadow color.
Oh! I'm also excited to try the last pan which is the silvery blue color for smokey looks.

3rd row:
The grays and blacks
Don't expect too much on the blacks here cause it's not really black.
Grays and Silvers are great for smokey eye looks to.
4th row:
The Taupes and Browns
YOU BETCHA! This is my favorite row. I love all of them.
They are my personal choices for browns. 
I'm a fan of neutral colors but not actually all of them.
I don't use plummy toned browns.
If you know what I mean. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Congratulate Rose for her pregnancy. Wish her good health! :)


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