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Shawill Blusher No. 03: That Glowing Pink Cheeks

Here's another review of a local product for you gals! I know you like that ayt? ^.~
So after duty I went to mall with my friends, just randomly saw this blush from watsons  actually. 
I immediately picked it up since I love the color after I swatched it.
 I've been searching for the perfect super light pink blush for the longest time ever! So let's see if I already got it this time...Hmm...

Here's what the packaging looks like...


The blush color..looks darker on pan.

Comes with a mirror and a crappy brush.

LEFT: Heavy swatch (Heavy na yan lol)
Right: Blended


-Affordable (PHP 138)
-Locally available
-Nice color (Shawill carry wide range of shades for blush)
-Compact packaging with mirror (nvm the brush)
-I like the glow that it instantly adds on my face

-Super powdery! (Tried it and Whoa! Major, major, major fall-outs on my clothes huhu!)
-Crappy brush (It sheds bigtime too!)
-Doesn't stay that long

-Use a different brush
-Use over a cream blush for better staying power
-Might not show on darker skin color well.

Over all,
In general, the color is almost as what I've been looking for as my perfect light pink blush but the quality is not so good. This would prolly be okay for teenagers, students tho I'm not sure about some people like me who are concern about getting tons of fall-outs. Although, please also do consider the price of this blush, seems like you get what you're paying for. Another thing, just very random actually, I prefer to call it either blush or blusher instead of "blush-on" which I hear mostly even from salesladies themselves.

Thanks for reading my post.
Should you like more reviews of this kind, just feel free to lemme know:)
God Bless everyone!

Jannah Lopez


  1. Just from the look of it, it looks super powdery nga! Shucks sayang. :(

    The Misty Mom

  2. Pretty color (:
    But I don't like too much fallout ):


  3. I have the other one yung pink na casing na shawill it last about 2-4 hours.. and its not powedery then 99 siya :)

    Thanks for this review Im about to try this eh :)


  4. Sayang kasi powdery pero I love the color.


  5. Such a pretty color! I wonder if this will work on my skin tone... I've never tried Shawill products before and this review made me more curious to check them out! =D

  6. loving the shade but boo on the fall-outs >_<

  7. I used to call these blush-ons till before I was in college. :))
    Nice color kaso powdery. Try the showcase blushers dear! :D

  8. ...putting this on my wishlist

  9. Btw dear, I found a cheaper alternative to this one. Careline's Oil Control Blush, for just 80 Pesos, it's matte and no powder fallouts! And tama, Shawill's Showcase Blush is much cheaper but better than this =)


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