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SOLONE Mineral Foundation

Makeup is art. Every face is a blank canvas and every brushstroke creates something magical. Cosmetics enhance natural beauty but also build confidence for everyday life. When you feel good, you look good, and makeup helps you to achieve this positive feeling.

It's always better to start with a blank canvas...a clear and flawless face.
Whether you do your everyday simple and clean look 
or even a smokey eye makeup look, it doesn't matter. It all starts with the face makeup.
As long as your face looks flawless, you're good to go. Your skin says it all.

I've always been mistaken as a Korean, Japanese or at times Chinese because of my skin. I may be fairer than the usual Filipinas. Looks a bit different just because I have Spaniard and Chinese ancestors (Jaromay-Lopez) but then again in general I am still a Filipina. I don't use "half-half-1/4-1/8" words LOL I'm not a puppy please! Hmmm but half crazy would do LOL. 
Anyway, kapag good looking, ibang lahi agad?Di pedeng pinay muna?charot! xP

Secrets? Good genes is no. 1.
Next would be to stick with non-comedogenic makeup. 
This are makeup that only contains ingredients that won't clog your pores.
Main reason why I love mineral makeup!
Only thing is that they usually come in loose powder forms.
 Isn't that a hassle, messy eh?
So fortunately I found a mineral compact foundation I can easily carry around!
No hassle and very convenient to use! Weee! I am so happy with this! :)

-Comes in a cute pink and white compact hygienic packaging with a separate compartment for sponge.
-Suits my shade, fair with yellow undertone.
-Comes with a nice quality sponge.
-Good coverage for a mineral powder foundation.
-Smooth and fine silky texture, not cakey at all
-Generally good oil control and staying power
-No allergic reactions or whatsoever

-Not available locally (Philippines) unless you buy online

Where to buy:

It's quite hard to find compact mineral cosmetics specially for foundation. As I've mentioned, they usually come in loose powder form. This is such a sweet baby to try! Been using it for quite a while now and so far I like it.
Btw, Aside from stated above, rest and sleep as much as you can. Or if you're busy like me, still find ample of time to rest yourself, know thy limitations. Stress is normal in life, just know how to cope properly. Stay happy and smile, don't let the wrinkles and acnes get in your way. Try to balance everything, yourself, your time and etc. Just feel good, do good and look good. Aja aja! :)

Thanks for reading my post! My apologies also if I can't be active as much as I am before.
Just want you to know that I miss all the virtual chats and kikay talks!
'Til my next post. Take care!
Ciao! <3



  1. Nice find! Love the parting tip Jannah! Stay beautiful inside and out! :D

  2. Cutiee packaging!


  3. hahaha, lolz on the 1/3/1/4 thing reminds me of the controversial BAYO ads..lolz~ you look really pretty! gorgeous ever!!! ^_~


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