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Review: San San Long Wearing Mascara in 01 (Black)

Hi lovelies!
Today I wanted to share with you a local brand of mascara that I got few months back.
It's from the brand HBC. Lemme start with the packaging, it comes in a sleek blue glossy tube
with a clear side where you can see how black the mascara is.

Here's how the wand looks like. It's not really straight as you can see but not too curved either.
The bristles feels soft but I had a hard time using this on my bottom lashes.

Here are some photos to show you,
This is my bare lashes.

Here are two photos of me having the mascara.
As you could see it's more of an everyday wearable mascara.
It's more of a lengthening mascara than volumizing.
It darkens the lashes which can make your eyes look more awake.

I'd also like to add that at first I find it hard to apply since the formula seems to be very liquidy .
However, as I use it along the way it seems to dry up a bit which I like and I find it easier to apply.
I guess I just got the hung of it after quite sometime.

Have you tried this mascara already?
Oh btw, it's just around a hundred plus pesos so it's convenient for teenagers and those on budget.

Can you name some local mascaras that you like?
I see local brand mascaras improving on packaging huh.
Kudos to them. But I've never tried one yet.
Just kindly comment down below.
Thank you!



  1. Replies
    1. Yes and it looks super natural. Thanks for the comment Trina. :)

  2. hey you got beautiful eyes and the mascara looks good....
    visit mine too,if you like we could follow each other

  3. i haven't tried it, but it looks nice on your lashes. atm im really like maybelline volum express. have you tried that one? :) btw nice eye shots :)

    1. Hi Shayne! Thanks for the compliment. I've been in love with Maybelline Falsies waterproof mascara so that's what I keep repurchasing. Haven't tried any other mascara tube from Maybelline but I'll take note of that. Thanks again :)

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  5. Beautiful lenses! :)
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  6. To be honest I don't think that this mascara had done anything more to your lashes than stick them together... Maybe you should try Maybelline Sky High Curves ?? I heard that it's really good!

    1. Hi Miyako! Yes, the effect is really subtle and very natural looking. If you want fuller and longer looking lashes, you may want to try Maybelline falsies mascara. As far as I know, Maybelline Sky High Curves isn't available here in the Philippines yet.

  7. I have been using also mascara from HBC and I love it.


  8. what i can't keep my eyes off on was your contact lens, haha. it looks awesome! as for the mascara, i think it did pretty good. it separated your lashes and made them look visible. i think that's a good thing.

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