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Braun Epilator 5580 (Legs, Body & Face)

Hi everyone!:)

Well to start of, I am a type of girl who would prefer a smooth skin and less hair on certain areas of my face and body. Fortunately I was naturally born to have the right amount of hair on proper places. Natural thick brows which I just usually groom (either I like it to be arched for sometime or keep it straight like those of koreans for sweet young look) without applying any brow product and  of course thick black hair on lashes. Sparse and thin hairs on arms and legs. 

However, I was still drawn and fascinated by the "smoothing" effect and wonders of hair removal. 
Also, it definitely feels better and way comfortable in my own opinion to have them removed. 
I use Strip It Hair Wax and I'm still loyal with that product 'til now. I love to use it for brazilian waxing. 
For my face, arms and legs, I use my current BRAUN silk epilator in 5580 as it is easier and faster.
Just plug the cord, have the device turned on and viola! Instant hair removal! Just remember to be careful on using it as you may end up tweezing your skin lol.

Upon researching, I came across two known brands such as BRAUN and EMJOI.
Since I've tried Braun than Emjoi, I decided to choose it instead.
 Lucky enough, my colleague (Hi Inay Janet!Thanks! ^^,)
was able to have her bf buy us BRAUN in UAE. 
It definitely cost cheaper there than those brands available here in Philippines
which cost more but still without corresponding attachments and blah blah blah

With that all being said, here's my pros and cons regarding this product:

-Super convenient to use. Happy that I bought BRAUN 5580 that can be used on FACE, BODY AND LEGS.
-Easy to use and operate. Just plug and be careful on running on your skin. Just follow the directions on the manual that it comes with.
-Comes with a cooling gel pad (yey!)
-Hassle-free to use. No more messy procedure and easy to clean.
-Just learn how to use properly and red bumps and skin ingrown will never appear.
-Feels oh so good to own one! Promise! It's definitely worth the money I guarantee you ladies! It's actually a beauty investment haha!

-Braun is not widely available locally.What you may see on malls are PHILIPS epilator brands.
-Pricey, but I tell you dear, it's worth every penny!
-There's a unit that can be used wet or dry and can be used cordless. Oh so cool but unfortunately yours truly had no more moolah to spent much on a better epilator haha!

Here are some photos of my epilator:

See more of my epilator info HERE!

Thanks for reading! 
Hope you'll be able to share just in case you know any malls who sell quality epilators for others to be informed also if they happen to be interested on purchasing epilators.

Have a nice day and stay safe!
Ciao! :)

Jannah Lopez


  1. I have been using one of these for years :) It's painful but you get used to it just like waxing. My advice is to use it a few times a week for up keep, that way the hair doesn't get too long and too full

  2. This seems easier to do than waxing. :) Glad you can do Brazilian waxing on yourself. Congrats! I tried it and it's too difficult.

  3. Using a techniques program is become well-known among the all age groups and creation. Just like epilator is. It’s so simple and relaxed procedure.

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  6. Do you know where i can buy one and for how much?


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