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Hello gorgeous ladies!
Today, I wanted to share what I picked up from our local post office this early morning.

A box of SIGMA Eye Shadow Palette!
It was bubble wrapped well so the palette was safe from any damage.

They also included printouts of other palettes they sell plus an affiliation program leaflet.

The complete picture of 3 Eye Shadow Palettes. 
I was really torn between BARE and FLARE.
I decided to go for FLARE since I already own sooooo many neutral shadows.
It's good to be out of your comfort zone sometimes. Right? :)

So this is what I have... THE SIGMA FLARE PALETTE

It has a "Protector Box" aside from the case itself.

Here are the 8 eye shadows it contains.
I'm so excited to try them out!

Not only did I chose this palette for the color range of the eye shadows, but I also
wanted to try out the dual ended brush it comes with.
I need to say this: I LOVE IT!!! They're so soft. FOR REAL! :)

The Tapered Blending brush. It's quite big for my eye shape but I'll still manage to use this.

The Eye Shading brush. Isn't this for everyday use? LOVE IT! :)


and of course the


Without Flash

With Flash

*My opinion*

-Sturdy packaging
-Love the magnetic lock
-Quite a big size palette for me to bring when I travel

 -Pigmented. However I still highly recommend that to use an eye shadow primer.
-Finely milled eye shadows
 (It actually feels like silk in my opinion. LOL. I'm going random again sorry!)
-Color selection is okay.
(It's just that I hope there were black, white and blue here in exchange 
for color shade duplication of green, violet and brown)
-Some eye shadows are powdery compared to others
-Love the size of every single PAN. It's big! :)
-My faves are: Publicize & Beware

-Dual Ended Brush is a great idea.
-They're so fluffy I wanna die! LOL. But seriously they're dense brushes.
-Washed them already. They shed a little bit.
-They both pick up colors well.
-They serve their purpose as eye shader and eye shadow blender.

Where to purchase? 
SIGMA! :) 

I just love to browse their products when I do online shopping. LOL.

If you want to purchase this palette as well please click HERE!

Thank you so much everyone!
You all just don't know how grateful I am for your support.
I hope you enjoyed my sharing and it has helped you.

Remember to keep smiling and stay healthy.

Jannah :)


  1. wow! nice, hope to have a palette like that too..:-)

  2. @Charina- I just got luky. Hope will have it too! :)


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