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Glaminar Experience: Loads of fun!

Warning: Picture heavy post.

Hi! I was invited by the very sweet Ms. Myla to be a part of GLAMINAR makeup artistry couple of days ago. I actually just got off from work that day. Hence, a little worried about my stressed-looking face that day too. Added the fact that I'm a little slow with directions and places in Manila. I literally did "walk-athon" because of my ignorance in commuting LOL. But all the efforts paid off! I had looooots of fun specially the chit-chats with dear ate Myla and the known beauty guru, Ana Patricia. I arrived on the venue "haggard looking" LOL. Good thing I was wearing a very casual outfit. Dunno if that's a good thing cause I also feel kinda under dressed but looking on the bright side, I feel comfy anyways. The first two people I saw at the entrance were Ana and Ms. Myla haha! Forget about my haggard fez friend! I was stunned by the pretty Ana! She's like a barbie doll! Few minutes later we already started the workshop. Lemme share with you my own Glaminar experience...

Hey, this are the two pretty and sweet dolls I mentioned to you haha! Tada! Ms. Myla and Ms. Ana! :)

What I saw first...makeup buffet oohhh-lala! And oh! I fell in love with NAKED 2. I want it badly! Huhu!
THIS!!!!!!Naked 2 OH MYYYY (~.~) <3 <3 <3

And here's the set up...Oh hello there classmates!:)

The program itself started with a little introduction of ourselves then followed by the makeup workshop proper. Ms. Ana discussed about proper skin care, basic how-to's on makeup such as brow, mascara, contour, blush and etc. Also had a demo on "No makeup" makeup Look, Everyday Makeup and Smokey eye. More actually to learn...just be a part of Glaminar workshop. ;)

And here I am trying to apply what I've learned that day!
Mixed up photos of moi! :)
Photo credits to: Glaminar Makeup Artistry

My super funny seatmate/cheat-mate! Had loads of fun being beside her haha! :)

And oh, never mind this photo LOL. I look so stressed oh my! :/

Yours truly trying to achieve a smokey eye look with an uber duper nude lips!
And our teacher gave me a hand on blending. 
She's so great on blending eye shadows! I'm really impressed! :)

My random photos with the girls I've meet that day and the products I've used. One more thing to like on this workshop, you'd get to try and swatch the makeups you haven't seen before! :)

I sooooo love this mirror! Me with bare face over there!

Hello Beauty Cosmetics Brushes!
You know how much I love BB creams! And oh boy! Been hearing a lot about this foundie so yeah I immediately grabbed this baby.
But I ended up using the foundie alone for the three demo looks! LOL!
It was okay I guess. Here's another bare face shot

Realized that I never own a cream blush...so I had to try this baby too LOL.
Was also curious about this UD bronzer!

The workshop was SOOOOO FUN and of course I've learned a lot. 

And here are my "classmates"! 
Had fun with all of this lovely ladies!;)

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Thanks for reading!



  1. I've been waiting for this post! :)
    Oh hey, there's Nicole. She won my Glaminar GC Giveaway. :))

    1. Yes I got to know her there cool! Weee:)

  2. Wow! Looks fun! Yeah, she does look like a doll! ^_^

    1. She really is Bee! :)
      Hope you can come in a Glaminar session too dear!

  3. Oh wow! I wish to meet to Ana in the future.. You're so pretty jannah.. hehe..

    1. She's awesome! Charming dimples she got there! Really cute:)
      Thanks Stella. I've seen your portfolios from Beauty Cosmetics page. You're good! Hope more people will get to know about you and your work soon dear! Stay safe:)

  4. Stressed pero ang ganda parin! :D Bakit ganun??? Haha! This event looked sooo fun. :)

    1. Hi Helen! Thanks. Wish we can meet again! Anlayo mo kasi haha! Yes yes it was really a fun day to play around with makeup! :)

  5. wish to attend one of the sessions! nice! ♥

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sign up with Ms. Myla dear! I bet you'll really enjoy it! :) <3

  6. wow! That looks like so much fun! <3
    I hope I can attend events like these one day.

    xoxo Thania

    1. Followed your blog! You're such a doll! Thanks for commenting!:) <3


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