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Current Favorite Brush Set

Hello everyone:)

Remember my post last time about my latest Beauty Cosmetics brushes? 
Finally I'm now gonna make this babies an extensive review.
If you want to see my initial impression about 'em you may click HERE.

So here's how the brush set look like..It's a set of black long-handled professional face and eye brushes made of taklon bristles. All housed in a protective black brush roll made of high quality leather with a magnetic snap closure. The bristles are made of synthetic taklon bristles. Hence less prone to damage from makeup and solvents. It is also easier to clean, silky soft and glides easily on skin. Typically less shedding and animal cruelty is not issue.

1. Large Powder Face brush
~It's big chiseled dense feature help apply the powder uniformly, providing a good coverage and an even looking complexion. No shedding and feels very soft. The apple of my eyes from this set. Best to use with compact or loose finishing or powder foundations.

2. Flat Top Brush
~ This brush is ideal for buffing; stimulates your skin during application. A very versatile brush for powders-liquid-cream foundation or even blushes. Dense and soft as well.

3. Large Angled  Face Brush
~The angle generally helps to create a more precise application. Fits perfectly either for contours and blush. Since the bristles are made of taklon, it can be used with cream or powders. Distributes the color evenly and gives the cheeks a really nice flush.

4.Foundation Brush
~Multi-functional brush to apply liquid and cream foundations, cream blushes and  even blend concealer.

5.  Large eye shader brush
~It's nicely tapered bristles pick up the color well tho it is made of taklon. Hence, making it a nice eye shader to pack on color yet easy to clean and maintain. This one is fluffy and can blend the shadow edges.

6.  Blending eye brush
~My favorite eye brush. Similar with Sigma E25 except that this is a long-handled one. Blends like a dream. Easy to control and fits perfectly on my crease. Love it a bunch!

7.  Smaller eye shader brush
~Shorter and stiffer than the larger eye shader. I use this to smudge on my lower waterline and for precise color application on my upper lid than using the larger shader.

8.  Small Angled Eye brush
~The most precise angled brush I ever owned yet! Works perfectly with gel eyeliners and brow definers! Very easy to control too!

9.  Medium Angled Shading Brush
~Barely thin angled brush for eye shadow blending on crease, applying highlight on brow bone and contouring the nose. Another versatile brush right?

10.  Pencil Brush
~Perfect for adding dimension on lids using darker eye shadows. It's precise pointed edge makes it easier to apply on the inner-V corner of the eye.

11.  Concealer brush
~Apply and blends concealer flawlessly. May also be used as a flat shader brush.

12.  Detailer brush
~Add details on eyes by using this as an eyeliner brush or adding highlight on the inner corners of the eye. Have your kissable lips defined by using this as a lip liner/lip brush as well.

The brush roll:

PHP 1,250.00

Available at: Beauty Cosmetics shop

A decent brush set to own for the amount. Considering how versatile each of the brushes in the set. 
They are easy to wash and doesn't shed nor bleed. I am impressed with it quality and affordability. I recommend this to beginners and even professional makeup artists. I suggest the brand to name their brush sets. It would sound much fancier to buy. I hope they will release a travel size makeup brush set. I'd appreciate a very kawaii brush set on my travel makeup pouch. So far, this babies sits on my vanity as they are my favorite brushes to use for daily makeup. I also have more brushes like a rare pointed foundation brush, a tapered cheek brush and a lot more!

How about you? What do you think about my current favorite brush set?

They also have brush guards, eyebrow stencils, palettes and etc. 
You may use code "JANNAH" for 10% discount on your purchase at Beauty Cosmetics 
on your purchase of palettes at Beauty Cosmetics. Brush sets are now not applicable for any affiliate discount code anymore since they're already at the lowest possible prices.

If you want to win a PHP 1,000 worth of Gift Certificate from Beauty Cosmetics then join my anniversary giveaway HERE.

Thank you for reading my review. Take care:)

FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 


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    1. Hi twin! Yes pls try them love! Btw, I sent you a message in FB:*

  2. Excellent post! I feel like I was just educated. I don't know much about make up let alone make up brushes and now I know what they're for. Thank you! I found this really helpful. If you have the time please do check my blog and join my giveaway if you like.


  3. yeah I do love them XD
    suitable for you, it's awesome so much!

  4. The brushes in this set are a lot larger than mine (also from BC) O.O


    1. Oh...sayang...you should have purchased this recent set sana nalang dear. Anyway, that's also nice naman. :)

  5. Yeee :) Seems like you like them a lot! Kasi yung ibang brand ng brush parang useless naman yung iba, di maganda quality pero eto parang everything is perfect! Sana talaga makabili ako by next month! Eto nalang bibilhin ko, thanks for the review sis! It help me a lot to decide na ito na nga ang ipurchase! :)


    1. Yes I like them a lot. Really a good investment without costing you an arm and a leg. Thanks also for reading dear! :)

  6. thanks for this... I'm now considering buying some brushes cause of the low price :)

  7. Thanks for reviewing these! I'm actually in search of a nice brush set because almost all my elf brushes sheds off...I'm so going to check out soon! ^_~

    1. Hi Janet dear! You're very welcome! Oh oh what ELF brushes? Also like the their ELF complexion studio line brush. Love it a bunch too! Take care sis!:)

  8. Great piece to own:)

  9. Great review!! Thank you for sharing this with us. I will go for Beauty Cosmetics the next time I buy a brush set! :>

    1. Yes please do try them and let me know what u think about their line. :)

  10. thanks for sharing. very interesting.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

    *dogeared heart necklace*

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

    1. Thanks for sharing and happy blog anniversary too dear! :)

  11. wow, that is really a good set. :) i was wondering, what is the difference between flat top brush and stippling brush? and can i use stippling brush instead of flat top brush? :)

    1. Hi! Stippling brush is used stipple the foundation and achieve an airbrushed effect. It's bristles isn't as dense as the flat top brush. While the flat top brush on the other hand has more compact bristles and packs more unto the skin. But then, it all depends on how you both use them and what's the product you are using, whether what type of foundation or even bronzer or blush. I hope my answer helped you dear. :)

  12. ah! i have been debating with myself whether to buy this for my birthday next month.. ahhhh! i am saving up for a sigma set kasi but i want to satisfy my "craving" and this set looks really nice.. i may or....yeah i might buy this one hanggat di ko pa kaya ang sigma. :D

    anyways.. i am a new follower. :)
    i hope you can check my blog too.

  13. Hi!
    These brushes seem really good :) Do you know if she ships internationally?


Thanks for commenting! :)