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Cheapdirt Alert: Saizen Nose Pack

Looking for an affordable nose pack?
Well here's a good one.
SAIZEN have it for just Php 88.00!

I got these buddy when I was still in the Philippines.
Luckily I brought it here!
 My gawd! 
You just don't know how thankful I am I packed it inside my luggage.
The Asian beauty shops are kinda far to my place so nah thanks.
Anyway, this one does the trick although if you have
"super" black heads I doubt if you would really appreciate this.
I bet you'd better try PUREDERM NOSE STRIP which is like Php 120.00?
Correct me if I'm wrong with the price 'kay?
By the way, it doesn't hurt so much when you peel it off. 
(Well at least for me).
Buy hey, no pain, no gain.
"tiis ganda" in Philippines.

Give it a try! Who knows it might work better on you than on me noh!
I haven't tried the their charcoal mask.
That's what I actually went for haha but unfortunately it was out of stock
so I grabbed this instead.

So yeah, there you go for my quick review.
For the price I could not complain.

What's your fave nose pack/strip?
Lemme know!

Thank you so much for reading!



  1. I've used this too and the charcoal one as well. I think I like this one better though. :D

    1. Hi Dawn! Okay so at least now d n ko nagreregret na walang stock non that time. :)


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