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Product Spotlight: Misyaber Powder Compact

Hi everyone!
Let me share with you today a new found product that I've been obsessing with lately.
It's a face product that makes me feel like I'm glowing.
Well let me introduce...
MISYABER Light Flawless Powder Foundation.
It comes in a classic gold sturdy compact which makes me feel like it's so Oriental!
I don't know if you get me but that's how I feel it is themed. So oriental looking! Or it's just me? LOL
Anyway, I'll also show you how it looks like when opened. Oh it does comes with a refill already!

Product Details:
"Manufacturer : Tai Jon Cosmetics Co.
Includes : 1 powder box with Powder Foundation & Supplement Powder
Wt : 26g (with supplement powder)
Uses for : Maintenance, Modification, Concealer skin
Usage: to puff evenly on the whole face
Storage: Store in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight high temperature irradiation
** This product contains glitter, can make the skin shiny effect **
Misyaber Light Flawless Two ways Powder Foundation, is a rich in anti-aging polishing compound 
Powder Foundation. For special texture smooth skin, perfect modified skin, reproduce skin younger looking and three-dimensional"

What I think:

❥I got the perfect match for my Asian skin tone.
❥I like the youthful bright dewy effect!
❥Adjust coverage by using your brush to dust lightly 
or build coverage by using the sponge that it comes with.
❥Evens out skin tone, can cover up some minor skin blemishes alone
and even lightly cover up my dark circles.
❥The clear separator in the middle makes the packaging hygienic!
❥It has Vit E but unfortunately no SPF.
❥It contains glitters as shown on the photo. 
I was pleased by the effect tho. It was not the Cullen's glow.
 It was more of beautifying youthful glow haha!
❥If you absolutely love matte then stay away :p
❥It already comes with a refill pan so with the price of $17.90, it's all worth it IMO.

Here are some of my photos wearing it:

Dunno what's with my "closed mouth" smile too! Don't ask me pls haha.
Anyway my hubby loves it too:

So yeah there you go my lovelies,
What do you think?
lemme know by throwing a comment down below.

❥ J

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