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Hair Fix : Great hair color for beginners!

Hi everyone!
What's up? It's been a while right?
I missed blogging like this, just sharing my thoughts and stuff.
Chilling and typing...
Anyway, I'd like to review about this hair color that I bought from the Philippines.
It's called HAIR FIX Hair coloring shampoo.
I thought it was cool and very easy to use.
Just shampoo it on hair like so. And tadaaa!

Just so you know hehe :)

This two comes handy! It was a buy one get one deal!
 Moisturize your hair after coloring please.
I just thought my hair was freaking long 
and so I need to have extra conditioners aside from what's on the pack already.

Gloves are included inside.

Okay let me say few words:

(+) Nice and easy to use
(+) It wasn't stingy and the chemical smell isn't strong
(+) Great recommendation for DIY hair color beginners
(+) Let the dye stay for few more minutes (I believe)
(+) Affordable
(+) Available in the Philippines
(+) Does not dry hair
(-) Washed in a matter of 3 weeks

Mind that I had my hair colored with blue black before so I already expected that the result
would not be seen just like on the model picture. Anyway, I like it and I recommend it mostly for beginners.
If you're after with heavy hair coloring results then this might not be good enough for you.

Thank you so much for reading!
Btw, I miss the Philippines!
Hoping to come back soon.



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