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Hi everyone!
Hubby and I went to California this late April and stayed for happy ten days. 

Just wanted share our super fun trip experience!
And hopefully this could give you ideas on places to go on your California trip as well.

Lemme start with few tips:

*Grabbing tickets
-Try to check online for better deals and/or packages.
-If you have someone in the military, then lucky you to avail great discounts! 
Go to  MWR website.

*Plan ahead of time!Make a time table to meet all (as much as possible) of you family your friends there. 
Set each an appointment to avoid over lapping. 

*Browse online on places you wanted to go in order for you not to miss spectacular shows and upcoming events! Mark thy calendars! :)

So here we go! Unto our first stop...

Check their website for cool packages!
We opted to stay on our place and drive early in the morning for Disney!
It took us roughly an hour I believe.
But, if you have no relatives or friends nearby, choose to stay in the Disneyland hotel and resort or stay in some hotels nearby which I guess can save you few bucks hehe.
We went for two days although our tickets were 3-days park hopper.
How I wish we can go back here!
It feels so happy and magical!
It's a place were dreams do come true.
Imagination is limitless! And it seems like you feel so young again haha!

Disney theme parking lots have shuttle buses that will drop you off 
at the entrance gate so no worries!

What rides/shows not to miss list:

> California Screamin'
>Mickey's Fun Wheel
>Goofy's Sky School
>World of Color
>Grizzly River run
>Pixar Play Parade
>Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin dance party (Hubby likes them :)

>Ride and tour around disney with their Monorail and Railroad
>Haunted mansion
>Mark Twain Riverboat
>Sleeping beauty castle walk through
>Space mountain
>Splash mountain
>WATCH THE FANTASMIC SHOW!!! (Do not really miss this I tell you!)
Disneyland adventure's incomplete without a FANTASMIC show!
See their calendar and time table! And grab seats early! :)

So yeah there you go, I've been really browsing online for some ride tips 
but it was only few so yeah here goes my two cents.
Mark those maps for the rides and shows I told yah! Take note of the hours too!

Have a good one at the happiest place on earth!

I'm so "E" to share with you our SIX FLAGS adventure! 
It was the most thrilling and fun part for us!

Better watch out for that! Thanks for reading!
Keep dreaming, start believeing! Dreams do come true at Disneyland! :)




  1. I hope you had a great time!

    check out my blog: http://thispastiche.blogspot.com/

    1. I did! Thanks Cece :) btw, I can't see ur blog dear. I should have followed u back.

    2. Hi Jannah!

      You moved to the US for good? Then this is my belated & warm "Welcome to the US" greeting! Teehee! Looks like you enjoyed your stay in Cali, too! Maybe I can catch you sometime when you come back here? Hehe. I hope you're settled in fine in Hawaii!

      I nominated you for an award here: http://beekyoote.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-sunshine-blog-award.html

      Keep up the awesome work!



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