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Review: Etude House Drawing Show Dot Liner

   Hi everyone! Some of you might already know how much I love to wear eyeliner. EYELINER defines, outlines and may reshape ones' eyes. It can be used with different types,colors and strokes. I even made a video on how to put eyeliner HERE long months ago. 

   Today, I'd like to share with you my two cents on Etude House's Drawing Show Dot Liner. Out of curiosity I found myself picking up an intriguing fork-like tip eyeliner at the Etude House. It's a trident tip eyeliner which claims to fill the spaces between lashes, dot-by-dot, to accentuate eyes with a precise, intense and lasting line. It's not the typical one-pointed felt tip liner that's either firm or flimsy. The SA told me it's waterproof and it dries matte black which I thought was definitely my cup of tea. She also mentioned it's easy to maneuver around and created few strokes at the back of hand. After that I was sold.

Here are some eye shots using the Etude House Drawing Show Dot Liner.
See how I was able to create thin and thick lines?

Etude House's Drawing Show Dot Liner Product Details:
Net wt: 0.9g (0.03oz)
Expires within: 6 months
Price: PHP 498.00

  • It's waterproof. It's not easy to smudge once it's completely dry.
  • I love how black it is. It's true matte black. Very much pigmented in just a single stroke.
  • I like how I can use this to "volumize" my lower lashes by creating few dots.
  • Instantly volumize upper lashes by simply dotting along upper lash line to create the most natural soft look instead of sporting cat eyeliners.

  • It's somewhat pricey. Stashed it on my travel makeup kit for few days and boom! I found some ink spills on the cap already! So I decided to keep it on my vanity instead to avoid wasting it's ink. So I guess it's not that travel friendly.
  • I have observed it to settle on fine lines so be extra careful for smooth application.
  • It's quite hard to remove. Highly suggest a good eye makeup remover to prevent panda eyes! LOL!

   Well, at first I must admit, it was quite a challenge. I'm so used on my Dolly wink and some single pointed liners than using a trident one. After several usage, I realized I was not maneuvering the liner correctly if ever I wanted to create a thin line. You need to angle the liner correctly to get beautiful results. I suppose it's not really intended for newbies, rather to those who doesn't have a stable hand on lining. What do I mean to say? Having a steady hand in stroking your liner would  created the most perfect line. Why? You can precisely control and maneuver how thick or long the line should be. You need not to be an expert as long as you have stable hand, eye lining will be a no-brainer. As opposed if you have muscle spasm. Most likely you will not be able to achieve precise lines if your hand is shaky. Then the "dotting system" might work better. Create the dots and then simply connect it. However, as soon as I got the hang of it I pretty much enjoyed how I can play with it.

Have you tried this liner already? Was it all worth the hype? Feel free to share your thoughts down below! Thank you for reading my review.

FTC: Product was puchased by the blogger. All opinions are my own. 


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