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Jumpstart 2014 with Belle de Jour Power Planner!

WHAT'S IN STORE FOR MY 2014? Shall I pursue my plans next year? 

Have you ever kept asking this to yourself? Well girl, STOP ASKING & DOUBTING and START PLANNING. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

     Let me tell you my story. I honestly have no clear plans yet by the next 2014. Yes, seriously. If you know me personally you'd definitely say--THIS IS SO NOT YOU JANNAH. But yes, I am being freaking serious here. I am anxiously preparing myself for next year's ride. I admit I'm the type of person who wants to have everything planned ahead of time, not only with plan A, that must come with backup plans. Don't get me wrong, I can also be the type of person you can easily drag to hangout or whatever but when it comes to my job or career, it's entirely a different story. I can chill after all my work is done because if not, I can not even relaxed at all then. I guess I'm just a type of person who values career and would want to achieve something someday so I'd rather keep on moving every single day of my life than chill and "nga-nga" everyday.

     Being a previous head nurse of a nursing department in a tertiary hospital, I learned how to anticipate things, organize and plan myself accordingly. My work simply became my life, my colleagues became my second family and it all became a routine for me. Each day passed by so fast for me that I did not even noticed how I got to do all those things, how I achieved my position and how was I able to conquer my sadness in long distance relationship. Anyway he's now my husband and you can read my drama before HERE. By the time I resigned, slowly I felt like I needed to re-organize myself again and make another routine for my life and start once again. However, no regrets on my decision since it paved way for me to have time for my family specially with my mom who then had to undergo mastectomy and now on chemotherapy. Having the time to take care of your loved ones than the assigned patients to you had always been a privilege to a nurse. But all those life changes were somewhat hard to digest. And next year, I would be in a different environment. I am moving early next year and I still have to see what's in store for me in Hawaii before I make up my mind on what career to pursue. 

     Personally, I never thought being a young adult would be as tough as this. Finding yourself wandering what should you do for a living, what will keep you happy and busy for all these coming days. I never imagined myself being trapped in this kind of situation. I always wanted to be sure before, now all I can do is wait and see what happens on me. However, as they say, LIFE GOES ON. The most I can do now is to organize myself, pick up the scattered ideas on my mind and make better plans for 2014.

     Luckily, BDJ sent me an early Christmas gift of their Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014. There are three different kinds of planner to choose from. One can also opt to customize by putting a name or choosing a spiral or an exclusive leather cover. This is my first planner from BDJ. I must say it's more chic and detailed compared to my previous planners. My previous planners were from Starbucks and random red and purple planners from National bookstore. They've been a great help tho I admit they lack some special features and pages the Belle De Jour Power Planner have such as Menstruation Tracker, Goals Page, Events Tracker, Income and expense tracker and many more actually. I had a hard time choosing between this and their another planner named "Everything is possible". I love how the name sounds so optimistic and how are the pages done so motivating and positively. See below photos of my Belle de Jour Power Planner to know such difference from the typical planners out there.

I just had to put this page! - A fan of Toni Gonzaga here haha :)

     I can already see myself using this as a tool to get back on track, know my priorities, helping me remember what to do and accomplish more on my next 2014.

     And oh, it would really be a great help if you share some insights and/or advises regarding nursing profession in Hawaii for a registered nurse from the Philippines. I'm still doing my research on what examinations should I take, the documents I needed to submit and etc. It's quite pain in the ass to process papers. Anyway, I would not mind continuing education and pursue my profession if it's all gonna be worth it. I also would like to know how to be a professional makeup artist or a beauty consultant in Hawaii.

      Yes, I wanted to do so many things in life and achieve as much as I can while I'm still young. While still keeping the balance between work and fun of course. My new 2014 BDJ Power Planner will sure be helpful for me! Oh, I just have one more wish, I wish for a smaller planner from BDJ pretty please! The more that it will be convenient to bring and fits perfectly in any purse. Nonetheless, I am very much please with the looks and the feature of my current 2014 planner. Anxious for 2014?YES. But that does not mean I'm not ready! I'm gonna make my life a masterpiece! #JUMPSTART2014

Loooove this!
By the way the BDJ Power Planner retails for P598 each. What do you think about it? What's your 2014 plan/s? Any confused young adults there too? Feel free to comment and share down below!

Thank you for reading my post. Felt like I shared so much of my heart and personality in this post. :)


FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this post.


  1. they're not available yet at national bookstore in my place... but I'd love to get one... :)

    1. Hi Krysta! Have you gotten your BDJ Power Planner already? You may order online here, http://www.belledejourpowerplanner.com/ :)


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