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IOPE Air Cushion XP Review

Hi everyone! ~(=^‥^)/

A lot of you had probably heard or even tried what we call now as "cushion foundations".
Cool right? Oh yeah!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

So couple of months ago,Wishtrend contacted me to answer a survey of Iope Air Cushion XP prior to launching. I appreciate their effort to take into account their consumers' opinion for improvement of product quality. And today, I wanted to share my two cents on the product itself. By the way, they only asked for answering the survey nonetheless it's really my intention to share this to my readers.

Basically in my opinion, this is simply a more convenient or shall I say a "fuss free" way of applying makeup. Knowing I'm always in a hurry, I must say this is a "good innovation" *wink*. And oh, as far as I have researched, IOPE is sort of a mother brand of the cushion trend as it's the first one to launch and make it into trend.

Here's what the box looks like.

IOPE Air Cushion XP is a moist cushion foundation that blocks UV rays and covers imperfections at the same time. Maintain glowing skin with cushioning sunblock SPF 50++. It contains high concentrates of mineral water that maintains water to oil balance of the skin, keeping it moist and nourished for a healthy and glowing look. It also contains ingredients that rejuvenates the skin around pores thus improving the skin condition and restore the skin's elasticity.

The product comes in a blue box which has one compact container with a mirror on it and also does comes with two sturdy cushion puffs. You'll get two refills at the same time with 15g each in one purchase. Having a back-up refill is always a good thing right?

The left one is the refill. It says C21 which is the shade of my cushion foundie.
Here's the glimpse of what it looks like with compact and the refill alone.
  • For natural, healthy and moisturized skin - Natural 21,Ice Vanilla or Natural 23,Ice Beige
  • For beautiful and glowing skin - Shimmer 22,Ice Shimmer Beige (contains coral powder)
  • For increased coverage for perfect skin - Cover 21, Cover Vanilla or Cover 23, Cover Beige
  • Travel-friendly and very sturdy packaging. Although it's a little bulky in comparison with a typical compact powder it's still par handy than bringing a big tub or worst a bottle of foundation on trips.
  • Multi-functional face product. Acts as sunblock with high SPF50++ plus it is infused with more ingredients beneficial for the skin. It can also be a makeup base or act as a face primer set with powder if too dewy for one's taste. It can even be a stand alone foundation for those who prefer lightweight face products. It also feels like a moisturizer and acts as one with additional coverage than a legit tinted moisturizer does with a little dewy effect. 
  • Leaves face not matte nor flat but a little glowing as its effect. It provides a light coverage when used alone although I noticed that it evens out my skin color and skin looks brighter with this. Medium coverage is also quite possible by adding layers provided that the shade suits your skin tone and color then just set it with a trusted setting powder of choice. 
  • No funky chemical smell noticed ever since I got it until now. It also gives this pleasant cooling effect on skin which I find unique.
  • I also like the puff that it comes with, it diffuses rather than distribute well the foundation and evenly on skin. Makes the application easier without using any makeup brush. It noticeably delivers it's purpose on applying the foundation unto the skin rather than just simply absorbing the product on itself and stay on it.
  • Average of 4-5 hours on my face without any retouch.
  • This might be excessively dewy-ish for some. I highly recommend to set with translucent powder to achieve a natural look.
  • You'll probably need more coverage for acne or breakouts. A concealer on spots before powder application won't hurt tho.
  • I am not 100% sure if this is available locally and pricey.
  • It is difficult to clean and sanitize.

I recommend this to those who prefer light coverage with dewy look such as observed trendy to Korea and other Asian countries. It is also helpful for girls who are always on the go as this will still fit into purse better. However, I would not recommend this to those who are after heavy coverage and great oil control. Over all, IOPE AIR CUSHION XP is a good product to try plus I find the cushion-y thing-y makeup application very cute!

Have you tried this? Feel free to share down below. Thank you!



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  2. Hi, may I know the SRP for this product? And how is the whitecast in photos? :)

    1. Hi Kat! Sorry I was not able to include SRP since it's not up anymore at Wishtrend. Anyway here's a link I saw, http://www.shopatkorea.com/servlet/the-1352/IOPE-Air-Cushion-XP/Detail . Yes, appears whitecast in photos due to SPF. :)

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  4. Do you know any online shop that is based here in the Philippines that sells or pre-orders IOPE products?


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