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Celina's Buffet in Tagaytay Review

Hello everyone! 
Here's my quick review of Celina's Buffet in Tagaytay. 
I found numerous reviews of it online in search for an affordable early dinner buffet within the vicinity.

I was advised not to take photos of the buffet table after I took this shot. I asked for the reason but the staff did not respond.
Here's my plate.

Well, I am going to spill the beans. It was disappointing for the following reasons:

-It was actually more of a private place to celebrate special occasions like debuts or wedding reception with numerous guests at once instead of being known as a daily go-to buffet restaurant.
-Must have been better if their old seats and tables are repolished.

-No welcome greetings nor assistance during the entire meal. All staffs were very lax and even kept watching the television. (Dear management, care to train your staff for a good quality of service?)
-Price per head clearly posted is Php 299 but it is actually Php 350 now. They changed their signage situated along the highway with a bondpaper with worn out prints.

-If only the food were delicious enough to forget about my disappointments but unfortunately na-ah.
It was just okay.

Overall, it was not a pleasing experience. Although I was not expecting a sumptuous dinner for the price but it was not  even at all worth the affordable price tag IMO. I suggest the adjacent Gerry's grill or perhaps choose Max's which costs less than three hundred bucks. Oh btw, I forgot to mention we went on a weekday, it is of higher price during weekends like any other buffet restaurants. And let me know some affordable buffets you can recommend aside from Buffet101, Dad's and Vikings just in case you know one! Thanks! :)


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  1. You may try Sambokojin, it's a neo classic korean-japanese buffet. Its highly recommended.


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