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BUFFET 101 : Happy Tummy

Buffet 101: Wide food variety, good ambiance and great service ! -Jannah Lopez

If you could not decide whether you want Italian pasta, Japanese sushi or dive in to sweets and pastries, then it is the best to opt for buffet or eat-all-you-can restaurants. Buffet101 located in SM By the Bay is good choice for walk-in customers. Been impulsive twice but it's not much of a hassle since they can accommodate up to 500 guests. No need to wait long in line even if you have no reservations! They offer great buffet experience in a hotel-like ambiance for an affordable price.
Nothing beats the awesome of feeling of being overwhelmed by the wide variety of foods served in front of you, right? I have this (let me not call it weird but cute instead hihi), so as I was saying, I have this CUTE habbit of eating DESSERT first before anything else and end it with another dessert for finale. Cheers for the sweet tooth! Mabuhay ang future Diabetes Mellitus patients charot haha ! I always run towards the dessert counter first to check for what I like and try to get small (okay some are not really small haha!) slices or pieces of each. I prefer not to eat rice at buffets and just get small portions of each main courses so I can delightfully try everything. Anyway, here's a quick summary of my review on Buffet101:


-The fact that they offer international cuisine gets two thumbs up. 
-Just like mentioned above, I recommend them to walk in guests. Who would have the patience to wait if you're starving already? They are always full yet they can still accommodate latecomers. And they are nearer to MOA.
-The lavish interior mimics a hotel buffet ambiance. And mind you, they were able to maintain their cleanliness despite the numerous people walking around every where. Kudos to that!
-Polite crews and quick refills.
-With regards to drinks: I like the availability of fresh fruit shakes in full glass sizes.You'll also get to choose from different brands of sodas but my favorite is blue lemon iced tea. They also offer coffee, beer and wine.
-For the dessert: They have wide selections of chilled taho, crepes, waffles, cakes (which I am pretty sure are from Red Ribbon), plated slices of cheesecakes which I liked most, panna cottas, candies, mallows, chocolate fondue and ice creams. Oh, I don't know why the heck I always forget to try their sundae. 
-I like that you can make your own salad here and get to choose your own veggies, tuna, egg and dressing!
-Their beef tastes good!
-Chicken Pandan is highly recommended! Pinoy dishes are cooked okay. Most pastas are okay. Cold cuts tastes fine. Dumplings are good. Korean and Chinese dishes are good also! There's just too much food!


-Why do they only serve one to two pizza flavors? And they're not to die for honestly.
-Why do all of  their sushi and maki almost taste the same? Same ingredients eh?
-Not really pleased whenever I need to stand again to refill my drinks.

Aside from mentioned, I can not think of any as of now. Over all it was a great buffet experience! My tummy was happy! Let me just show you some pictures.


Buffet101 International Cuisine

SM By the Bay
556-2888, 556-3888, 556-9888

Robinsons Magnolia
961-2291, 961-2926, 961-3025

234-5555, 656-9999, 861-0477

Soon to Open Buffet 101 Glorietta 2

Buffet Rate:
Mon-Fri Lunch                       P699
Mon-Fri Dinner                      P950
Sat Lunch                                P799
Sun Lunch,Sat-Sun Dinner     P1050
Kids below 4.5ft are                P499.
Kids below 3.5ft are                free of charge.
Eat and Drink All You Can!
VAT Inclusive! No service charge!

Check BUFFET101 Facebook Fan Page HERE for more updates!

How about you gals? Have you tried dining at BUFFET101? What do you think? Is it better than Vikings? Haven't tried Vikings yet! :(



  1. I haven't tried Buffet 101 pero I read somewhere that it's owned by the same management as Yakimix. I actually find it a little expensive especially for weekend dinner, but I see they serve a lot so, fair enough.

    Might try this one next time :-) Your blog is very helpful.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the comment! And oh, cool, I did not know that, thanks for informing me. And I personally like going on weekdays since it's a lot cheaper and less crowded, additional 2 or more dishes during weekends isn't really a big deal for me. However,problem comes when u have work during weekdays noh. Just a tip, eat by portion so you'll get to try everything and get back the worth of your money. ~xo :)


Thanks for commenting! :)