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MARY PAULINE SALON EXPRESS Review : L'Oreal Extenso Rebond

Hi everyone,

Today let me share my hair salon rebond experience with you which happened last January 2014. Let me start with what kind of hair I have. I was born with dark hair and big curls on the end. Looking unto my old photos, it was not hideous at all. 

However, mom told me that my naughtiness was inevitable. I cut my own hair! She told me that she was so shocked upon arriving home seeing my uneven short hair. When my hair grew long again, it was not the same nice big curls she claimed. Curls went everywhere and it's messy looking already she said. Maybe because of my uneven cut? I don't know either. Hello, I was only a toddler that time! I do not even remember how I managed to cut it and if I used scissors or what. Anyway, growing up I started to become aware of few hair products to tame my hair. And mom buys a lot of volumizing hair products and so I get to try also. As a result, my hair was wavy and volumized. Not really pleasing I believe. Then I tried salon hair treatments like hair spa and hair protein. Then I was introduced to this hair rebonding and the next thing I knew, I also wanted to try it.

I had my first salon rebond when I was in high school but I forgot which kind of rebond specifically was that but I am pretty sure it was not extenso. I was only a teenager in high school then. My official hair rebond routine started during college. Well I had to. Why? I even posted my answer to that on my previous hair care product found HERE. Almost three years ago, during my college days, females had to wear our hair in a neat bun, without any bangs nor loose hair strands. With that being said, it is pretty much obligatory for a "lazy me" to stay off to layers as it is just too much of a hassle to pin every hanging hair that will come off. And having a sleek straight hair is much easier to bun without a frizz. Plus, it's nice to have my hair down beautifully on casual hangouts even after school. Oh the efforts of being a nurse student then! And that's the time I officially stick with having L'Oreal Extenso Rebond. I get to tie my hair without having a hair issue after. Just take a shower and viola! My hair is back to being nicely straight and silky again. Whenever I want to curl it, I just take a shower, curl while damp then remove when dried and I got good curls that would last long. You can also opt to have a colored hair cellophane at the end of the treatment. I have tried blue black, mahogany brown, reddish purple that actually came with a long name that I have forgotten already and copper brown. It is a dream hair treatment I swear. 

I am really excited to share this with you as this would be my first hair salon review post. I reckon of going back to a known korean salon located inside the mall. But before I was long confined in the hospital due to DHF. I did an initial survey asking for price quotations from different salons within the vicinity and Mary Pauline Salon Express in Dasma have convinced me. Although they're not the cheapest offer, they gave me a good package which includes having the L'Oreal cellophane and promised a remarkable result. And so I went back right after I was discharged in the hospital last January. Now, after almost two months, I can fully attest their service!

Stylist: REN
The most requested stylist in their branch as I have observed.
Result after the cream straightener or the initial step in rebonding I guess.
Not smooth and shiny yet.

And if you are familiar with rebonds, hair ironing usually take the longest time!
Not to mention extra effort and time for dense hair volume like mine.
Oh I went in at around 10am with my hair up so it looks badly as like that on the before shot
 and was done by almost 5-6pm having the hair on the final result photo. Saaaay! :)
*sings haba ng hair by rejoice* Haha!

 The final result after cellophane!
Photo did not give enough justice!It was beautiful in personal.
I mean my hair not my face haha! Anyway, sorry for blurred photos.

Here are my final thoughts:

Wallet damage:
 Php 5,000 for L'Oreal Extenso Rebond, cellophane and hair cut
Php 500 for foot spa, nail mani and pedicure
plus the tip to a skillful stylist. 
Given my long hair length, it should had cost me twice or even thrice
 if I had it done it in a known salon again.
No regrets I had the guts to entrust with them my hair and it saved me bucks! :)

Location & Ambiance:
If you are passing by along Congressional Road in Dasma, you might prolly have noticed their numerous signages and promos posted outside of their salon. It was a very convenient location for me since I don't have to travel that long. Ambiance is just a typical salon type, nothing fancy. However, kudos to staff for maintaining an organized  and calm environment despite the number of people coming in and out of the salon.

L'Oreal Extenso Rebond is rated 4/5! 
Deduction only for the cellophane that have mostly worn off in a span of less than three months. 
Oh well I should get some semi de lino again to keep my hair shiny! 
Btw, I use to buy ampules of it and just massage it unto my scalp.
Mani and Pedicure is 3.5 / 5
Nail polishes were Bobbie brands. They do offer nail arts and have varities of colors to choose from.
Foot spa is 3/5
It's just I prefer the longer foot spa massage with perfect suiting fragrance by machines. But the service was okay and got rid of my callous.

Overall, it was a great try! I recommend trying out their branch in Dasma, Cavite and hair stylist Ren. My hair now is still silky straight. However, my side swept bangs already grew longer. My big forehead screams "airport teh?". And is less shiny than before. But I understand that it is completely normal since it was just temporary cellophane. 

Being a woman is quite hard especially when we like to maintain beauty as we grow old. Kalurky! Anyway, have you tried going to Mary Pauline Salon or having your hair rebonded? I mean rebonded not fried. Feel free to share your good or bad hair salon experiences down below for everyone to be warned or enticed! Thanks for reading! Happy hair day dearies! :)

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