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Baby Queen Princess Series Eye Lash Cross #7 Review

"A pair of LASHES" - one of my beauty staple even at work.
With or without eye shadow I manage to put on a pair of demi lashes or full-rimmed lashes.
It just frames my eyes and I LOVE IT!
Here's another vavavoom lashes I'd been currently loving.
Initially looks dramatic but actually looks natural lashes when worn-let's just say more voluminous I guess.
Anyway, it comes in a cute pink box-with of course my fave color purple-which makes it more appealing to me LOL. Then here lies the 10 pairs of crossed lashes.

Lashes are criss-crossed which gives the volume and lengthens towards the end which gives the eyes an added umph of style.
Close up shot of Baby Queen Cross no. 7

So here's how I wear them without any eye shadow.
The secret---lenses! 
Oh geez, you guys must know how much I love lenses. 
See my collection HERE.
Another shot of Baby Queen Cross Lashes no. 7 without eyeshadow and uncurled

And here's how it looks like with eye colors.
See how it definitely adds definition on my eye?
I highly encourage ladies to try out wearing false eyelashes. Not specifically this pair of course!
Just try and practice..that's the key.
Soon enough you'll gonna find the technique on proper lash application 
and lash style that suits your eye shape.
And I'm pretty sure you'll gonna love wearing them too!
If not then cmon' you're missing half of your life LOL.

Without false eyelashes
with Baby Queen False Eyelashes
Close eyes with lashes baby!  ^_^

 Product Description
*Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
*100% Handmade &Authentic
*10 Pairs In Box
*Design by Taiwan, Made in Vietnam
*Expiration: 5 years

-This might be biased, but I super love criss-crossed lashes. Why? It adds volume. Then the lengthened end of the lashes adds vavavoom effect on my eyes. It actually makes the whole lash look more natural instead of too dramatic.
-It's band is lightweight and not pokey at all. Just make sure to trim the lashes according to your eye shape and size prior to wearing.

-Available online and not locally available. Other than that I can't think of anything else. :)


How about you ladies, what do think of this?
Feel free to comment also down below any questions, requests and etc. {^_^}
Thank you so much for reading!
Don't forget to use coupon code "jannahmarielopez" for 10% discount! 

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Lens that I'm wearing in the photo above: Geo Angel Brown

Lens that I'm wearing in the photo above: GnG/Dueba Natural 3-tone Grey


FTC: Products were sent to me for review purpose. 
Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review.


  1. OMG these lashes are beautiful! I need to purchase them! Thank you so much for sharing! Following you now!



  2. The lashes look quite natural yet dolly bringing out your eyes *__* Plus I love your circle lenses it very vibrant!!!!!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. I love your eyelashes AND your eye make up! Beautiful!!

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  5. Those lashes are enticing. Makes your eyes look more beautiful.
    Tempting! Would make me want to buy one >,<


  6. I freaking love this eyelash! beautiful XD

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    Please visit my blog...

    Brittany, xx

  8. I love your eyelashes AND your eye make up! Beautiful!! street fashion

  9. I love the lashes Jannah! You are beautiful!

    ♥ Crystal Michelle

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    Maybe we can follow each other?


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