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GnG/Dueba Natural 3-tone Grey

No doubt, I'm a lens lover!
I just love, love,  love how it changes my look just by wearing them.

which are from Kiwiberry1's Collection.

Product Description
Color:  Grey/Gray
Diameter: 14.5mm
BC: 8.6
Water: 38%
Price: $20.00

My thoughts

-First, I love the color. I love wearing gray 'coz it actually looks natural yet the effect is there. 
Remember me answering this question on my lens haul post?
"What is your favorite lens color?Gray! It's a  very versatile color. Very much wearable during day or night time. It definitely changes my eye color but not so over the top. Oh c'mon you know what I mean girl! You don't wanna wear bright "scene-ish" color during day time. Well... unless you're really on to that kind of style. :p Plus... In my opinion it suits fair skinned people as well as morenas. Morenas look like Hot Latinas with gray eye color with matching sexy cat eyeliner and rawr!"
-The diameter size also suits my preference. I own several lens with 15mm and I honestly don't wear them as much. 14mm-14.5mm diameter lenses looks perfectly fine on my eye shape.
-The color is unique, it's somewhat blue-violet-grayish on me. And the 3-tone color style makes the lens color  subtle and blend better with my natural eye color. (Remember that the lens effect still depends on your natural eye color and shape.)
-It's comfortable to wear and doesn't feel thick upon wearing.
-Comes with a lens case per pair. (I happen to buy from optical shops before and sometimes the lens case is not included in the package. Soooo yehey! Plus the lens case is what I prefer. A lens case with a clear cap so I can see what's inside and saves me time from choosing which lens to wear for a particular day.)

-You might find it hard to choose from their site . Better check out their FB Fan Page to see more photos of their previous clients with the actual lenses. 
-This exact pair only comes in PLANO, meaning only for those who have normal eye vision.

Overall, I like the lenses.
If you're also from the Philippines, shipping takes 1-2weeks.
Below are my photos of the lens.


Here's me wearing the lens with a neutral eye makeup.
Kiwiberry also have other products aside from contact lenses.
Feel free to check their site: http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/
You might also be interested on checking their Rewards Loyalty Program where you can collect and redeem points for great rewards such as FREE circle lens & false lashes.

They are also currently sponsoring an international giveaway hosted on my blog. Click the photo if you want to enter and win a pair of your own plus a set of false eye lashes. Thank you Kiwiberry!.

REMEMBER: You only have two precious eyes in your entire existence, well except if you're willing to pay millions of pesos for an eye surgery/transplant...so TAKE CARE OF THEM. Purchasing /wearing lenses comes with responsibility. It's not all about styling and enhancing your looks. It is recommended to always consult with an eye specialist first and clean lenses properly and regularly.

You may use code "jannahmarielopez" for 15% discount when you shop at their website!

Have you tried this lens too?
Or are you a certified lens lover over years now like I do?
Feel free to comment down below and I'd love to chit-chat with you!

Thank you for your time on reading my review.
Stay safe!

FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 


  1. Pretty. :D I love the color of the lens and also your make up. :) So flawless. :D

    1. Thanks Breena! :)
      Your latest nail polish swatches were awesome. Love the rockstar. Take care! :)

  2. You look great with these lens, very pretty ^_~

  3. it looks so sexy on you, reminds me of Angelina Jolie action movies, that kind of feel ;)

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