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Travalo Excel: Does size matters?

Having a hard time carrying heavy bottle of your fave perfume?
Worried about spilling and leakage inside your purse?

Here's the best solution for that!
A great example of "small but terrible!" product.
Product is enclosed in a chic protective case.

The travalo atomizer bottle per se is just 3 inches, about the same length of my finger.
Very handy indeed!

Here's what the bottom part looks like. No funnel needed to refill the atomizer bottle. 
Hence, no spills nor wastage.

The indicator window where you can see the refill progress.

-Comes in different atomizer bottle color.
-Over 65 sprays in compact package.
-Less hassle to refill.
-No worries about spills and leakage.
-Chic and classy packaging.

-Only available online here in Philippines.
Click HERE for their website if you want to grab yours now.

They ship worldwide.
(more or less it's PHP 813.62 when converted in Philippine peso)

LIKE their FB page to join their "Daily Spray giveaways"!!!

A little demo of how I use mine:

I have a question for my fellow Philippine residents,
Which shops in our country you feel would be the best for Travalo?
Comment down below your suggestions! :)

Take care! :)
Smell good, feel good! :)

FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review.

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