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Latest Haul: "E" to try them!

Hello everyone!
Annyeong Haseo {^_^}

Hope you're all doing well!
I've been busy with work lately. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying every bits of my profession now (I so love my fellow nurses on duty! ♥)

Anyway, tho busy, that doesn't stop me from doing my passion. I just hope to find enough time to film and edit my vids. Here's a quick post of the latest haul that I got. So "E"-excited to try them oh boy!!!

This loot is a gift from ELF Philippines. So appreciative of them, thank you ELF!
Btw, I just love the makeup bag sooooo much. It's a complete makeup bag to stash. Lots of room and spaces with dividers for my day-night time beauty babies!Great news? Eye shadows will be included as prize on my upcoming 1st Anniversary giveaway, so please stay tune for that! *wink*

Next up are the two most recent addition on my false lashes collection which you may browse HERE.
This are from brand named All-Belle Natural Lashes. 100% Authentic & HandMade and undergone Gamma Ray Sterilization.The Only One Whole Process Made In Taiwan Hand Made False Eyelashes and the only One Passed SGS Certified False Eyelashes In Taiwan.

Here's the prize loot I got from Carla Gumin!
"E" to try my new UD palette and that eye majic sounds new (in my case LOL). Yehey!

Next are the prizes I got from one of my most fave beauty guru, Holly Ann-AeRee. It was actually just supposed to be "a prize" which is the spring bag but 
she sent along with it some other stuffs. Sweet! Click HERE for the link on the winner
announcement video. Waaah *went crazy* when I saw my username then!I love how straight
forward and genuine she is specially on her hits and misses vids! :)

Last but definitely not the least on my latest haul are my new pairs of lenses from Kiwiberry1-collection. In case you haven't seen my review on one pair yet please click HERE. You know how I love to collect and try out varieties of lens so you bet I'm so exciteeeeed to incorporate this eye colors to different looks.

So there you go, my quick/brief post about the stuffs that I have just gotten lately. Epect them to be featured after I've tried and tested them already okie dokie?

How about you, what stuffs excites you most now?
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you all have a great day!
Take care!



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