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Hello! :)

So this blog post is going to tackle all about my recent lenses! YEY!
If you're a lens lover like me, *High five baby!!!*

What do I love most about them?
They drastically change the entire makeup look.

What is your favorite lens color?
Gray! It's a  very versatile color. Very much wearable during day or night time.
It definitely changes my eye color but not so over the top. Oh c'mon you know what I mean girl!
You don't wanna wear bright "scene-ish" color during day time. Well... unless you're really on to that kind of style. :p
Plus... In my opinion it suits fair skinned people as well as morenas. 
Morenas look like Hot Latinas with gray eye color with matching sexy cat eyeliner and rawr! 
*Alright I'm gonna stop blabbing! LOL*

Since when did I started to wear lenses?
2 years ago or 3? Sorry I couldn't exactly remember. :p

What are the lenses I've tried to far and where did I bought them?
I've already purchased from EO Executive Optical as well as Illusions and some other variety of brands found on malls but I find out that online purchasing is much more affordable. BUT be careful of Bogus Sellers, Fake brands and ALWAYS SEE TO IT THAT YOU HAVE A REGULAR EYE CHECK-UP (Thanks to my health card I can always check with my physician if my vision 20/20 has changed).

REMEMBER: You only have two precious eyes in your entire existence, well except if you're willing to pay millions of pesos for an eye transplant, so TAKE CARE OF THEM. Purchasing lenses comes with responsibility. It's not all about styling and enhancing your looks.

I love GEO lenses. Other than the styles mention below, I've also tried Tritone green, Tear eye in brown, Angel gray, Angel violet, Nudy violet and many more that I couldn't actually remember the names. Now, I'm loving the Japanese Big Eyes/JBE, I'll post it whenever I have received my newly purchases already. I swore to myself that I will not and should not purchase more lenses aside from those that I keep on repurchasing buuuuuuut apparently I went gaga again over seeing the new lens styles they've come up. *I hate window shopping online, it damages my wallet!* SIGH.

Speaking of online shopping,
my favorite shop for lenses as of the moment is http://www.thepinkshoppe.com/ . Visit her shop yourself to know why. :)

Okay enough of my craziness!
Here are my current lenses. Some of them are just freshly opened from the vials and some are already near to their expiration this coming 2012. Huhuhu! 

Tritone Violet

Super Nudy Violet

Nudy Pink

Tritone Brown

Super Nudy Brown

Nudy Blue

Angel Green

tritone blue

NOW HERE ARE MY FAVORITES. I always make sure that I have a stock of these styles.

Tritone Gray

Nudy Golden Blue

Hurricane Gray

Angel Brown

Nudy Gray

If you wanna know how can I possibly remember all of their expiration dates, how do I clean all of them (Ooops I'm sorry some of them looks dirty, I still haven't clean them first before taking pics, Sorry my bad!), how it looks like upon wearing and some other lens care tips. 
Please watch this ff. videos:
Note: This are some of my first videos up in YouTube :p

Thank you so much for reading and probably watching my videos.

Have a nice day!




  1. I really love lenses as well! ♥



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