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Lashes from Lindsay Artillero

Hello lovelies!

Today is going to be a LASH post day! >pops confetti<
Okay enough of me being so juvenile. LOL.

Who are the false lashes/falsies/faux lashes (whatever you wanna call them) lovers here?
>Raises my hand!<

Tell me, Who never had a hard time looking for quality lashes here in the Philippines for such an affordable prize? I used to purchase my lashes from Shawill, a brand that you can find in Watsons at SM. They sell lashes for P59 each pair. Cheap right? BUT, here's the catch, there's a local seller of these awesome Faux Lashes in 10 pairs for only P150. Yeah you've read it right girly! P150 only for 10 pairs, so that's just P15/pair. Shipping fee to my place via Air21 was P90. Pretty amazing deal right?!

I immediately grabbed the opportunity to buy from Say when I've read that she had available stocks. Unfortunately, the only lashes sold at that time was just available in one single style (natural-looking lashes). It was not the lash style that I'm actually looking for. However, I can wear this on a daily basis anyway so I didn't think twice and contacted her.

The lashes doesn't feel heavy upon wearing, it doesn't even feel plastic-y (if you know what I mean). It can be cut in any length based upon your eye shape and it's easy to wear. I like it more when I've read that it was entirely hand made.

Here's the picture of the lashes I purchased from her.

Natural-looking False Lashes
10 Pairs of Lashes in a box
Lashes of the Day!
It looks natural. I like it's length as well.
FOTD (Face of the Day)
But most likely, Face of EVERYDAY
(BB cream, concealer, eyeliner, false lashes and lipstick and I'm on my way!)

I really hope that she will be able to sell CRISSCROSSED LASHES.
That's my favorite style among all. :)

Thanks for reading everyone!
Take care!



  1. Wow! that's really really cheap! It looks good on u, you look like a doll. Does she have a facebook fan page or website? I like to check her falsies. thanks for posting! :)

  2. https://www.facebook.com/makeupbysaytiocoartillero?ref=ts

    Last time I checked, there's still 6 boxes available. :)


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